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Community Resources

Posted: Thu Jul 15, 2010 2:00 am
by Ttech
Hi, Its your friendly Community Moderator!

I'm here to give you exciting news about the different community managed, and contributed projects, sites, and chats available to you now.

For now it will be basic but it will be added as more is located.

Community Resources:
  • * Xelerus - this site has been around for quite a while, it is most notably known for free mod hosting, it also has a great resource to locate functions and access the Transcendence Chat.

    * Transcendence Official Wiki - In cool blues and greens, this site provides access to hundreds of pages of information relating to Transcendence in every form. From modding to in-game ships and features this site has it all. If you have a free moment, register and start editing!
    * Transcendence Trac - The Official Bug Report Tracking System, if you have a bug this is where to report it. Or see them even. :)
    * Transcendence Chat - The active Transcendence Chat is lively and interesting, it is active with discussion relating to the Transcendence Universe as well as the science of ours! Come by today!
    * Unofficial Transcendence Forums - The original Transcendence forums, they are now archived for your viewing convenience.
    * Old Depredicated Links - This is the location of the v6 Transcendence Site which contains links to former community run pages.
    * Dvlenk6's Image Resources - This long time site provides access to many image resources that can expand the objects found in transcendence.
    * TSB - Wolfys Transcendence Mod Forum with 10MB mod hosting.
    * Concept Ships - This is not actually a resource made by a Transcendence Player however it is great for inspiration.
    * (IRC) Member Map - This is a map of the locations of a number of our community members. Place your location on the map!
    * Full Yearly long real-time IRC chat logs
For Archival Purposes Only:
  • * Thorm's Transcenence Mods (DO NOT USE) - This has mods dating back to the very early versions of Transcendence, if you have access to an early version of Transcendence you might be able to still play them. But they are totally unsupported. [Uses The Internet Archive]
    * Ttranscendence - Arguably the longest url of a fan managed page, it provides access to the Transcendence Chat information; including full-yearly logs, stats, and a spakin' new UNID database!
*** The Wiki Community Resource Page (Regularly Updated) ***

Overall this community is lively in many places and located throughout the web. Please join and look around these site! The administrators of these spend their free time and hours working on these sites making sure they are usable and full of great content!


Posted: Wed Dec 22, 2010 11:10 pm
by Wolfy
[Edited 22-12-2010 with an update to TX2's naming, as it has since been renamed to TSB]

Re: Community Resources

Posted: Sun Feb 20, 2011 5:34 am
by Wolfy
[Edited 19-02-2011 with an update to UTF's current status]