Rickum's revelation

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Tue Mar 01, 2011 1:52 am

A warm wind blew softly, rustling the leaves of the nearby forest. A flock of birds erupt from the canopy and head to the south, squawking as they go.
Rickum sat alone on the grassy berm watching the sun turn the sky a deep rusty orange, typical of Mars during the autumn season.
This was Rickum's favourite spot to visit when he needed to relax and ponder whatever problems were plaguing his research.
The thick green grass was soft as Rickum lay back, staring up into the darkening sky, a twinkling blue object he knew was Earth shone brightly among the darkness.
Being a Martian native, he had never visited Earth; and never would. The Earth governments forbade all travel from the Syrtis colony,
Citing irrational fears of germ-line assassination attempts or rampant plagues. Rickum pitied their short sighted and ignorant views.
"If they could understand the potential of what we are trying to do, what we have already accomplished, maybe they would allow us to return and we could once again embrace as brothers united upon the soil of our home world!" Rickum fantasized about uniting his people as he drifted off to sleep.
The dream started the same way it always did, every night for as long as he Rickum remembered, standing at a podium with every news agency huddled below him. His face reproduced in perfect holography a dozen times around the Great Square for all to see, his deep voice resounding from every direction as his speech reached its climax. Although he was speaking, he could never hear, nor comprehend the words he spoke as the crowd buzzed electrically, hanging off of every word.
His consciousness floated around the massive gathering, watching as men and women, children and seniors, labourers and government officials all cheered ecstatically during a short pause, just as they did every other night.
Rickum descends slowly to the floor at the back of the square; his body continues to orate autonomously as his consciousness watches.
He had long ago given up trying to change anything or learn new information. He would stand here at the back silently for a moment more until drifting into deep, dreamless sleep for the remainder of the night.
A twinkling caught Rickum's eye, directly above the stage. It was Earth! The tiny blue marble had arrived to participate in this historic event, Rickum's mind drifted off and imagined that every human on Earth was also listening to his body's speech, fantasized that they heard his words and felt fear in the depths of the hearts.

Cold sweat gripped him as he realized what was happening.

This was new.

Rickum knew what was happening, heard what was being said, and understood what needed to be done.

"A passionate speech, Rickum. I was right to choose you." The silver voice of a woman rang clear in Rickum's head.
"Your people need you, I need you. The human race is in peril and only you can ensure their survival."

He spun around wildly, looking for the woman who was speaking to him, seeing only the same Syrtian civilians mesmerized by the speech. His heart raced in panicked excitement, he had so many questions to ask this new voice, he needed to understand, needed to know why

"You will lead your people back to Earth, Rickum, lead the charge in force and purge your home world of the disease. You must cut the unworthy from your history so that the Syrtians can transcend and take your rightful place in this galaxy..." she spoke again directly into his mind.

The speech was nearly over; his body spoke slowly to emphasize each word: "... we will destroy Earth!"
His vision blurred with the realization of what was happening. He was the instrument of Domina; he would be her hand forging history for all future generations. Uniting Syrtians with their ancestors back on Earth, but not by peaceful negotiation or reasoned logic.
It would be by force.
It was the only way. The only way they would listen.
The Earth governments have poisoned the minds of their citizens against him and his people. They would never listen willingly.

"This dream that you have had all your life is a foreshadowing of the future, Rickum. I have chosen you to free your people from the the oppression of Earth. Do not fear for I will protect you. I have always been with you and always will be." Domina's voice drowned out the cheers of his people, speaking softly only for him.
"Once Earth has been subdued you will lead your people to the Kuiper gate and out into the galaxy. Bring your people to me at the galactic core and transcend your mundane existence."

For the first time in his long life, Rickum's mind was clear.

He finally had all the answers; he knew what he had to do.

"Yes, Domina. I will join you." Rickum spoke while watching his body on stage, fists raised above his head. His audience cheered as the Syrtian president and high commander joined him on stage and shook hands emphatically.

"We will destroy Earth..."
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Tue Mar 01, 2011 2:07 am

Love it Prophet! :D

This fan fic thing is catching on -- it seems the Ares and the Syrtians are prime targets for Fan Fiction (though Drako went with some pre-Heretic era storylines).

And believe it or not, I can't even find a grammatical fault! good work! :mrgreen:

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Tue Mar 01, 2011 4:30 am

Great story :D

I have to say though, that you said that he watched the sun. He also saw Earth. You could no more see Earth from Mars during the day than you could Earth to Mars. Just saying :wink:
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Tue May 17, 2011 2:48 pm

There are grammatical errors, though very few.
Rickum descends slowly to the floor at the back of the square; his body continues to orate autonomously as his consciousness watches.
This is written in the present tense. The rest of the story is in the past tense.
But other than that, it's very well written and practically error free :D

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Fri May 20, 2011 9:55 am

Hi, if you dont mind, can i build on this string? I really love it and if u dont like my continuation i'll delete it.
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Wed Aug 24, 2011 8:30 am

ThePrivateer wrote:Love it Prophet! :D

This fan fic thing is catching on -- it seems the Ares and the Syrtians are prime targets for Fan Fiction (though Drako went with some pre-Heretic era storylines).
And I'm writing for an alternate world, where battles are settled too with giant robots. Oh, I am starting to hate Domina too, after I read the part that the character's like hypnotized to do Domina's bidding.

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