Fall of the Europa

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Space. a vast Empty plain, devoid of oxygen or gravity. as imposing and hostile as any enemy, It's immense expanse covers as far as the eye can see, and more. It's Beautiful Stars and Clouds are far Greater than anything Seen from earth. 
The Serenity is only skin deep, however; War and it's Horrors are always present, especially in the Systems Beyond Saint Katherine's Star.

"CSC Europa, This is Bradbourne, I spy two, and I repeat two Deimos' with Fighter Wings moving towards your position from the direction of The Sun."

"Roger BradBourne, Stay on the far side of PL-ER1094 and engage the enemy when they open fire. Faraghutt Wing is Waiting in the Asteroids and will Follow your Lead."

"course set for planet, Sir. Good luck."

"Godspeed, BradBourne."

Soon, The Captain saw on his displays what BradBourne had warned him of.
two wings of fighters, lead by Deimos Destroyers, were headed directly for the CSC. even as far away as they were, the distance was closed in a matter of seconds, and soon Bursts of Blue Lightning  Could be seen, Fired by the enemy Fighters.
 Instantly The Europa Returned fire, and the Green streaks joined the Maelstrom. though little could be discerned at first, it soon became clear that
The CSC had the upper hand; And the arrival of BradBourne and Farraghut Wings Completed a Victory.
Quickly, just as soon as it had begun, the Firing ceased, once The Enemy Was  Reduced to Drifting Wrecks and Dust Clouds.

"Excellent Work, Men. Report to tactical and then Get some Sleep. Gyrhawk Wing will take Watch."

Another Battle. one of millions. The Men of Bradbourne and Farraghut Could not have Known that it Was To be their last.

"Gyrhawk to CSC Europa, We're Cleared and Ready. Permission for Take-off."

"Permission Granted, Gyrhawk, Let's hope for no more surprises, 'Eh?"

"You can rest easy, Gyrhawks on the job."

Hours past, But The Time Came. the Europa's Doom arrived.

"CSC Europa, this is Gyrhawk. we have a Bogie in the Cloud thirty degrees from
port. Permission to investigate."


Quickly, The Centurions Flew; Leaving Golden Trails of Gas in their wake. Flew To the Target. To their doom.

the Gunships approached the "Bogie", Weapons armed, Prepared for Battle.
200Ls... 150Ls.... 100Ls... Gyrhawk could see a sinister shape take form in the Dustcloud. It Grew, and took form, a long mysterious ship. As soon as Gyrhawk Realized the Danger, It was too late.

"CSC Europa, Send Imediate Reinforcements, A Phobos has been spotted!"

Hardly had the message been transmitted, however, when Gyrhawk Leader Received a Lethal Blast of Plasma to His Hull, and His ship was reduced to a cloud of Debris. The Pilots of Gyrhawk wing fought bravely, But it was not enough. Quickly and methodically the Dreadnought desposed of each Gunship. leaving a scene of Destruction in it's wake. 
Gyrhawk was only an appetizer, and the Phobos was onto another Meal. It's Large Maw Directed itself towards the Europa, and it Slowly accelerated towards it's new Prey...

first real try to a Fan-Fic. Comments appreciated.
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Excellent! :mrgreen:
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