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It was near the middle of the night when, Tetrax, a young boy with dark black hair and an average build, woke up suddenly and began to run down the long hallway in his house. He stopped a moment later and started panting. Kaya, his elder sister noticed and stopped near him.
"What's wrong?" she asked.
"Kaya! I've just had the craziest dream! I must report to father immediately!" he huffed back.
Confused and almost surprised, Kaya patted his back and began to walk with him towards their father's room, a large and almost cave-like structure.
"Don't worry Tet, I'm sure it was nothing" she said again but Tet chose not to reply.
They entered their father's chambers and bowed reverently.
Tetrax's father was also a highly muscular man with deep blue eyes and long winding hair. He was the commander in charge of the Earthician defenses.

"Father I've had a dream! It was terrible, I a saw the Syrtan invading the earth! They broke through our defenses like a hot knife through butter and killed everyone, women, children even animals!" screamed the young man.
His father initially looked flabberghasted but chose to reply maturely.
"Son, the martians are keeping their peace for now. There have been no enemy movements and most of their shipyards are still far from ready. I'm sure it was all just a dream and nothing more." he said and sent both of the siblings ourside without hearing a single word.

Tetrax, though a little dissapointed held firm and dug his face deep into his sister's chest as she embraced him still more tightly.
"I know this wasn't a dream Kaya, I feel this will happen sooner than we think." he cried.
"Tet, it was just a dream, please now go get some sleep. If you want i'll sleep with you on your bed." she replied almost in fear. The young man reluctantly agreed and the both went to sleep.

That morning they woke up early and reported for breakfast but noticed their father missing. Since their mother, a nurse who served on a CSC, died 3 years ago, their father was their only support and comfort. Seeing him missing from the table was rather uncomfortable but Kaya more than made up for the absense and was a second mother to her young sibling. After breakfast Kaya went off to work while Tetrax stayed at home rested.
During the noon as he slept under a large tree in their garden the same dream came before him but this time if was a little different.
He saw a bright silver haired woman of almost eternal beauty with the Martians, she was their force and guide. This time he also saw a large army of men and women in blue uniform fighting back against the martian invasion and winning. He saw earthican warships hammering the Syrtan attack and finally he noticed a young man piloting a futuristic space fighter leading a squadron of similar fighters into battle...
It was then a sleek voice of a female spoke into his mind...
"That is you Tetrax! You will lead the attack on the Syrtis... You will overcome and the fate of Earth as it is rests in your hand... You are protected and you will conquer..." she said and immediatly Tetrax woke up.

That evening Kaya returned early noticed Tetrax sitting under the tree eyes fixed to the ground. She approached and before she could say a word Tetrax spoke...

"Kaya my dream was real. I know it! Syrtis will attack and we will defend the earth. I must defend the earth... Mars must be destroyed! Their homes burned and the planet deemed uninhabitable. Her people will be like the Israelites in the wilderness, like sheep in a desert. We must destroy mars! We must destroy mars and protect the earth!!!!"

Kaya looked on in amazement at her brother but said nothing.
"Umm, I'm sorry I just killed your officer Akira, but he was getting on my nerves''
"Can I take his ship now?"

Calvin E. Taylor to Akira Gorbachev, the daughter of Ares Chief Admiral Vasily Gorbachev, after brutally killing one of her Tundra pilots.

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