Hopes for Sol: The Journal of 2446

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Fri Jun 01, 2012 4:07 pm

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[June 14, 2446]
Waking up with my cesium-atom alarm clock, I met my antique deca-quintum PC with an utmost hideous case of visual lag. Writing this journal may have been the only thing that keeps me from probably smashing this computer and get a new wrist watch computer.

I often forget how I used to miss these times.

Times of war, times of peace... times of suffering, and times of glee. I wonder if anyone reads The Bible these days. Those Sytrians are sticking to this weird being called Domina. A Domino-figured being, perhaps? Heh, for all I know, there's no such thing as Space Jesus. To be honest, I have nothing against... Domina. Who knows, maybe the Syterians were under the influence of a carcinogous hallugicogen? Or maybe these priests of Domina that have said to contain various unknown technologies. I have nothing against Pligrims either. They're quite adventurous, you know? I think Admiral Decker once talked of a pilgrim once who single handedly taken out a couple of Sandstorm Alphas...? How cool is that, you know?

But... unfortunately...
I don't believe in weird cosmic deities.
I don't believe in ideals either.
I do believe, however, in that one single fact, that the sun will always rise on the east...

...unless of course another crazy guy tries to reverse the polarity of the Earth's north and south poles. Please... not... now.

As I open my previously shut window blinders and look at the bright yellow sun, I thought about what it was like before Sol became such a place. Now, Sol is but a still recovering paradise. A paradise for the many, many 30-gen slums who couldn't afford an iPad in 2012 and still couldn't afford a Sapphire. Seriously? A Sapphire!? Heck, even a couple of cases of Olive Oil is worth more than that. While here am I, still clinging to 300 year old antiques. I remember getting that first iPad 4... It's funny how unimaginative us humans can be, compared to the tenacity of the programmers of our ancestors who had the perseverance to generate around 15,000 lines of code for something... so mainstream!? (By the way, I was talking about 3D Optics).

Well, enough ranting for me. I'll probably publish this in my private gstp://tripoli.blogspot.com.ph.sol/ website again. As if anyone's reading this... Time to hit the road again. (Damn sandstorms) Probably going to write again this afternoon.

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Sat Jun 02, 2012 10:53 pm

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FROM: Iruka Agapito

You are not alone. We are backing up. We are. Just like how the legendary ship called Yamato was. WE WILL STRIKE BACK. Commonwealth's former people were revoked with their Bill of Rights. WE WILL THROW COMMONWEALTH DOWN!

I am Democracy. Sol is our domain, one world, one government, all abide the common rights.

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Wed Jun 13, 2012 5:52 pm

after the iPad 8, in 2017, apple stop developing new desings when the competition gave up...
:lol: :lol:

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