A Prejudiced Galaxy-The Buzzard Bay Incident

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(NOTE: This story is set in the Prejudiced Galaxy Universe, not the Transcendence Universe.

For Background music, click link & set to loop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MP9rJdxmuQU)

Buzzard Bay, or in its Mak name, Bu'Yu Sector, has been a constant source of territorial arguments between the People's Republic of Mak'Tzi and the Federal Republic of Moreillia. Both nations claim the 150 cubic lightyears of space historically and rightfully theirs, citing sources ranging from ancient history texts to decade-old spatial navigation data.

The sector has been known to have a considerably rich deposit of Grizonite Crystals, which the Moreillians use to power their vehicles and technology. The crystals were of little use to the Mak, however, this has not stopped them from threatening, blackmailing, scheming and sometimes outright challenging Moreillia for control of the sector.

The Moreillians, on the other hand, considered Buzzard Bay a sector of key strategic importance. Not because of the resources, but for its closeness to Mak space. 57% of the sector bordered Mak space, and this sector was the most developed among the dozens of border sectors. It hosts extensively developed military facilities, including the headquarters of the 663rd MASDF Border Defence Group, also known as "The Hellhounds". The Mak had been reacting strongly to the militarization of the sector, considering it a threat to its own safety, in addition to being a grave breach of its territorial sovereignty. Calls had been repeated made for the MASDF to withdraw, but were ignored.

On 4 May, 5319, the Supreme Leader of the PRM, Mak'Tai, made a broadcast speech to her nation, citing the need to for the "constantly belittled Mak people to display their might and resolve." She then added that "going to war with Moreillia is a good way to test the strength of [their] glorious military." Ending with an ultimatum for Moreillia to give up control of Bu'Yu sector within 48 hours, or war would be declared.

The galaxy was shocked by this development. The President of the Wilsian Independent States made a public statement an hour after the ultimatum was issued, demanding that the Mak retract their demands immediately. The Planetary Alliance, a staunch ally of Moreillia, reaffirmed the conditions of the Joint Defence Treaty and sent a quarter of the Amalgamated Armada to reinforce Buzzard Bay.

The Moreillians were in a difficult situation. 150,000 Moreillian citizens were residing in the Buzzard Bay sector, and even a full-scale evacuation would take two weeks, far longer than the Mak-mandated 48 hours. The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic, after a closed-door meeting with the Princess of Anada, Chancellor of Tabinka and the President of Lasbeak, decided that, instead of a hasty, Dunkirk-esque evacuation which would leave tens of thousand of citizens under Mak oppression, the citizens must be evacuated by the principle that "No one is left behind." Even if it meant mobilizing the SDF to engage the Mak Navy.

The Mak were also aware of this fact, and had no intention to wait for the ultimatum to expire before launching their own invasion. More than 5,500 capital class warships had been secretly deployed near Buzzard Bay days before the Leader make her speech, and among them were the newest Yik'Hei class battleships, which were considered their secret weapon against the high-quality and high-tech MASDF capital craft. The fleet was to deploy after 24 hours had elapsed since the issuing of the ultimatum, long before the Planetary Alliance Amalgamated Armada could arrive and shift the tides against them.

The MASDF was badly outnumbered, 37 heavy capital craft and 140 smaller capital craft and 1,700 small craft were all that could be mustered in such a short notice to hold Buzzard Bay. However, among them were 10 of Moreillia's, and the galaxy's, most powerful battleships-The 7.5km long Tabinka Class Heavy Capital Breakthrough Craft. Victory for Moreillia hinged on these proud ships to strike accurately and wreak havoc on the massive Mak Naval formations.

The Buzzard Bay Incident was, to the eyes of the common civilian, a textbook example of a standard Mak "Shallow Intrusion", or more colloquially, "bullying". Little did they know, the stage was set for the most violent armed conflict of the decade....
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(BGM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqfn3WWDe6s&feature=BFa)
-1230 hrs Zulu Time. 5th May, 5319-

-Wing Commander Kelvin Garfield, 663rd MASDF Border Defence Group "The Hellhounds"-

-Border Command HQ, High Orbit, Planet Lusfidge, 3rd from solar body, Buzzard Bay Sector, Federal Republic of Moreillia-
"More than a hundred capitals in formation." She said, "That's a reassuring sight, isn't it? Having so many of our ships in one place simply makes heart that much warmer."

I looked out of the window, outside was a gigantic formation of fifteen battleships, or as we called them, Hotel-Charlies, backlit by the blue planet beneath. Around them, sprinkled around like bits of candy, were the smaller capital crafts of the fleet. Takovs flanked by Valiants, trios of Swordfishes in delta formation and the occasional silhouette of Lagoon Cities. With the reinforcements that arrived yesterday, we had almost three numbered Air Forces' worth of aircraft here in the 663rd.

I looked down at today's lunch and sighed. They had been serving Cod and Chips for three days straight. Even if the men could take it, I couldn't.

"It's not so reassuring when you take account of the other side." I answered, "They have upwards four thousand."

"Just your typical bullying party. The Makies uses their numbers to make you forget all their ships are flying trashcans."

The overconfident woman downing her 3rd Sidewinder's Fang in front of me was Air Commodore Melissa duComorant. Where she got that surname I don't care. They said she's one of the best capital craft commanders we have, and the rows of medals pinned to her chest seemed to suggest that. She was the CO of the Capital Wing that my command, the Takov-Class MASDF Perseverance, was a part of, meaning that living with her antics is a daily routine. Her verbal tic is to call the Mak'Tzi "Makies", which nobody else does except her. And if we have more people like her in the SDF, we might as well as hold fleet-wide vodka parties every night until every one dies of alcohol poisoning!

"Four thousand flying trashcans can still run you flat enough." I took a pull at my cup of orange juice.

"And who's gonna cutting 'em loose? The last time the Makies blockaded the Duchy of Velasa, they sent ten thousand capitals, and they didn't have to worry about any resistance. What did they end up with? They didn't even get a single inch past the Velasan border before they had to scurry back."

"The Velasans got lucky. If the PA and WIS didn't threaten to intervene, they would have been cooked."

"Hey, we do have the P-triple-A backing us up this time around, too. The Makies know that. Seriously, you should relax a bit. Since when did they actually go along with their threats? Four thousand years ago?"

"I don't know about you. But I wouldn't be so comfortable. We just got word to evacuate all civilians in the sector. Order's from the PM himself."

"Ha! Ha! HA! Are they serious? Looks our government agrees with you, KG!"

"I say it's a precaution. I don't know any diplomats myself, but I heard the situation between us and the Mak is deteriorating rapidly."

"'Deteriorating rapidly', huh? Heh, heh, using the big words now, boy? Fear not, we'll make a fine desk jockey outta ya."

"Erm.... Thanks?"

"That said, you should keep a look out there. Recon said they saw four thousand, doesn't mean there is four thousand. Given the Mak's ability to pull ships out of just about everywhere, I expect they set aside around six thousand for this one."

A merit of her, though, is behind all her rowdiness, she was still a very competent military officer. And when she gets serious, she stops using "Makies" in her speech.

"That's my CO right here."

"Heh, made you brighten up all of an instant, huh, KG? You're just like my ex-CO, always worried unless he had something to worry about. Then he gets even more worried."

"Stop calling me KG."

I just hated being called as if I was a unit of measurement.

"No. You're so much fun when I do that."

"That does it. I am out of here. At least you'd be a bit more reserved when out in space."

I walked back to the bridge of the Perseverance and sat down eyeing the empty seats around me. Lunch break wasn't over yet, and nobody was on duty.

The main screen was offline and showed the MASDF emblem against a black background.

MASDF, an acronym pronounced as "Mastiff", is our country's only protection against threats from air or space. They called us "Those who keep the skies from falling." And it is our duty to do just that.

When I was twelve, I went to see The Hong Kong Invasion, or Metropolis Under Fire as they call it today, and cheered with everyone else when we saw the Tabinka descending Moreillia's atmosphere to "Hold up the skies". The battleship took missile after missile after missile with nothing but a slight char as she landed. That scene was what made me sign up for the ASDF when national duty came.

The first days were horrible. I just thought of all the exciting and glamorous adventures and the dramatic entries, and fared badly with the pilot lectures and tests. And in the ASDF, every airman has to be a pilot. I was nearly kicked out a few times, but thing managed to settle down a bit. After doing the required 3 years, I stayed and enlisted in the Air Fleet Command, working my way from a Flying Officer to Wing Commander with the Perseverance as my command. She wasn't the prettiest ship, nor the most powerful. But I was certain I would work up to a Tabinka-class one day.

The bridge was slowly populated as lunch time ended.

"Updates?" I asked.

"No. 203 just completed its recce sortie, sir. We have confirmation of approximately 5,500 Mak capital craft waiting on their side of the border."

They say when one bad news comes along, it's the beginning of a hundred more. Half an hour after we confirmed the Mak fleet to be 5,500 strong, they began advancing without warning, well before the expiration of the ultimatum. It was the moment we realized they were going for broke on this one. They never had the intention of going along with the negotiations at all.
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