Sands of Time - A quasi-AAR

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I am an amateur writer that enjoys Transcendence immensely. To practice writing I figured that I would render my galactic adventures in fictional form on here. This isn't an actual After Action Report but it is very similar to how my own current adventure is playing out. Of course, I have added and changed things to make it more enjoyable as a story. I hope everyone enjoys the adventures of Captain Patricio Sands:

Captain Patricio Sands watched as workers unloaded the few remaining crates of plasteel ore from his freighter. The Korolov docking bay was empty save for himself and a dozen uniformed dock attendants. They scurried about pushing hovercarts loaded with the valuable ore, stopping only long enough for a burly foreman to scan each ident tag, then disappearing within the darkened corridors of the station.

"That makes 135 tons, Cap'n." The foreman called above the noise.

Sands nodded to himself, mentally calculating the profits as he made his way towards the loading ramp of his freighter. Considering what happened last night, he would need every credit he could get. Travelling to the Core required preparation and if Domina thought to "persuade" him in making this pilgrimage he was damn sure going to be ready. How she did the "persuading" wasn't entirely clear to the Captain, but ever since last night's dream he had felt inexplicably drawn to the center of the galaxy. However, there was one person he needed to see first. Whether that person would be happy to see him was another question entirely.

Sands dialed up the system map on his shipboard computer and located a small blip orbiting beyond the planets, asteroid belts and stations strewn helter skelter across the holographic representation of the Eridani solar system. With a few quick keystrokes and switch-flips the powerful thrusters of his Omigm-class freighter, lovingly named "Beefsteak" by his daughter, fired up with a series of hisses and a boiling flood of smoke. Capt. Sands turned the ship deftly as the docking clamp retracted and then punched the throttle forward feeling the G's through the inertial dampener push him back into the captains chair.
Beefsteak arced out across the system, moving quickly for an old, beat up freighter, passing Corporate and Commonwealth governmental seats, mining stations and long derelict Charon and Urak hideouts. Approaching the outermost reaches of the system a light on the dashboard indicated an incoming call. Capt. Sands grinned wolfishly and tapped his wristcom, completing the connection.

"What the hell you thinking, Sands?" A gruff voice said, sounding strangely tinny over the light-speed com network.
"Arco, old friend, just thought I'd pay you a visit. It's not a bad time is it?"
"Anytime is a bad one when you're around. I told you not to come here anymore. I told you what would happen if you did." The threat seemed to hold even less weight than the photons on which it traveled.
Sands laughed. "Arco, my boy, no need to get hostile. I'm preparing for a trip. I just thought I would say goodbye." Capt. Sands checked the battle computer, ensuring the shields were up and the omni-turbolaser turret was activated.
"I don't have time for your games, Sands. The last time I dealt with you I lost 100,000 credits, a load of periweed and a damn fine freighter. Unless you're here to give me that hunk of metal you call a ship, I suggest you turn your ass around and hightail it back to Corporate." That threat sounded a bit more serious, still Capt. Patricio Sands laughed.
"You must be mistaken, old boy. The last time we dealt you were dropping cargo and honor as you rolled over for the Charons. You can chalk those losses up to your own lack of courage. Had you stood with me we'd still have those credits and the ships and I wouldn't have spent six months in a regenerative unit. Now, I'm here for a loan. Better, a donation. Like I said I'm taking a trip and I need some funds to get me started. You can give them to me or I can-"

The com blinked out and static hissed in the background.

"You always were a rude one, Arco Vaughan." Capt. Sands said to himself as he pulled the targeting scope down over his eyes. "Time to teach you some respect."

To be continued...

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