Ghosts from the future past...

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Sat Feb 07, 2015 3:23 pm

This is a true story....

I had recently just replenished supplies and fuel into my Wolf and was returning to St Kath's when I heard a very eerie sound on my radio. It was a faint, almost ghostly female voice.
At the time I was radioing my position to St Kath's and had received the go-ahead for a docking at Phoenix gate Bravo.

"Help us..." cried the ghostly voice. I had put all my sensors to their full capacity as I tried desperately to track the signal but to no avail. "Perhaps it was emanating from a Star-gate" I thought to myself.
I stood up and looked around in all directions and found nothing out of the ordinary... I walked around my little ship trying desperately to figure out what the hell was going on when suddenly the AI announced that it was able to track the signal.
"It seems that the signal is coming from the AL Mash-Aram system sir" spoke the female voiced AI.
The voice cried again with more desperation... The goosebumps on my body refused to recede, every word releasing copious amounts of perplexing thoughts into my mind.

Whether blind courage or just plain foolishness; I ordered the AI to pursue the signal and cancel the St Kathrine docking. It did so and within a matter of seconds I was at light speed.
It took almost an hour to reach the start gate and typical of St Kath's, I had to wait for a good 25 minutes before the station master cleared me for warp. He was somewhat perplexed when he saw the destination system but cleared me through anyway.

A few seconds later I had reached the Mash-Aram system. This was an old backwater system mainly used by the commonwealth to dump garbage and sometimes banish criminals. It was mostly populated by the Salvage communities and some farmer clans of the Durian system who farmed asteroids for terrarium ore.
I noticed a few Ares gunships in the distance and hoped against hope their radars didn't see me. Luckily they didn't. I began to ponder if this could be a trap set by the Ares but soon expunged the thought as Ares rarely played such tricks with small insignificant people like myself.

I continued to follow the signal for a few St Kathrine days and to my utter horror the signal stopped suddenly. I had come far out from the terrestrial solar system and there were no ships to be seen anywhere. To be honest I was pleading for even an Ares ship to show up but nothing. The voice, which had remained silent throughout my time in the system began resonating within my ship again only much louder. I shook with fear and strapped tightly onto my seat. The voice stopped and suddenly I saw it...
A apparition of a humungous Commonwealth Star-ship Carrier... It was badly damaged and smoking but by no means tangible. I couldn't believe my eyes!
This ship had been destroyed by the Commonwealth centuries ago!

I recalled when I was young my mother used to tell me of a CSC whose crew betrayed the commonwealth and allied with the Ares. I also faintly remembered her mentioning a Wolfen pilot --or a Sapphire yacht or freighter I cant recall clearly- who had helped find this ship and guided Aquila Class military ships to its position. All this had happened long before I was born so trust me I was pissing my pants when I saw it.

A moment later it disappeared into thin space...

Still undergoing treatment after this incident. If any other pilot has had a similar experience please tell... I really think I'm seeing things.
"Umm, I'm sorry I just killed your officer Akira, but he was getting on my nerves''
"Can I take his ship now?"

Calvin E. Taylor to Akira Gorbachev, the daughter of Ares Chief Admiral Vasily Gorbachev, after brutally killing one of her Tundra pilots.

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Mon Apr 11, 2016 6:43 am

Can't be happening. I APAed the Aquila's!

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