Haurian-Sung War *Fan Fiction*

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Part 1

5th Battle of Jiang's Star

A floating behemoth blocks the endless sunlight. A freighter approaches the giant behemoth.

Ji' Kora
*A man in a purple military uniform sits at helm*
"Parthema 47 of Huara to Jiang's Star D-17. I repeat, Parthema 47 of Huara to Jiang's Star D-17"

Communication Officer
*Contacts Ji'Kora in his freighter, Parthema 47 of Huara*
"I received your documents. You have been cleared to be under physical examination. Therefore, I demand you to drop your shields. We shall begin scanning in a moment."

Ji' Kora
*docks with Huari Warship, Jiang's Star D-17*

A soldier in purple uniform escorts Ji' Kora. He carries a orthosteel blade and a thermal pistol. "Welcome to the Huari, foreigner", says the soldier.

Part 2

(From Ji' Kora's point of view)

I jumped out of my freighter. A gray fog covered my helmet. "Ah that is right, the docking bay hasn't closed." I thought. "Activate magnetic boots.", I demanded. The computer beeped in reply and my boots clanked with the metal floors. The sunlight was closed off and it became dark. I saw multi colored rays scan the entire dock. "How paranoid. This is the 4th time." I thought. I took off my helmet and breathed in the fresh air. I hit the floor with my boots. The sound echoed. "Impressive armor. It is duralloy. How surprising." I thought.

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