Spawn of Malevolence- The Rise of Calvin Taylor

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Marine Holding Deck
C.S.C Terra
Eta Ceti System
"Operation Lone Wolf Walking"

Admiral Conrad Decker, a tall man with a mid-length beard, stood facing an army of 100 Armored Commonwealth Marines. The grunts had the common black armor while the officers wore a bright white armor. Decker himself was in his normal white navy uniform and next to him was Commodore Frederick 'Stinger' Watson (Naval Air-arm), a tall, forty-eight year old man with a neatly shaved French beard.

"Okay ladies!! We're about to attack an important Ares shipyard built around the Planet Korhal. This shipyard is known to manufacture the pesky Sandstorm class light gunships. If we disable this shipyard, it'll set the Ares back by five years in military capabilities. Our mission is to destroy this stronghold and possibly capture some of it's lead scientists who we believe are holed up on the planet. Its guarded heavily by Sandstorms, Tundras and possibly a Deimos class destroyer so this NOT going to be a trip up your girlfriends' butt and back. Most of you girls will not make it home for dinner! Am I clear!!???"

"Sir yes sir!" the assembly of marines responded in unison.
Decker then pointed to a massive screen behind him on the podium. It showed the detailed map of the system and other facts about the Ares shipyard.
"Now! Our flier boys are gonna engage the defensive spacecraft first and make the coast clear for the main attack team. They shall then provide atmospheric support on the planet. The spatial assault team will be lead by Squadron Leader Michael 'The Slicer' Anderson. The ground assault teams will be lead by Majors Tychus 'Candy-man' Findley and Calvin 'Wolf' Taylor. The spatial assault team will engage and destroy the small fly while the ship will assist in the destruction of the Deimos Destroyer. Are we clear?"
"Sir yes sir!"

"And a finally ladies..." Decker stepped back, dropped his shoulders and bowed his head. "Come back alive, this is not a suicide mission." he took a deep breath and stared proudly at the men who he was about to send to their deaths.
The C.S.C Terra, flagship of the Commonwealth Fleet, was the largest of the Moromisato Class Star-ship carriers. It was also one of the most powerful, seconded only by the yet-to-be-completed C.S.C Europa.
Admiral Conrad Decker had hurriedly taken command of this ship after Supreme Commander Roland 'The Boss' Anderson ordered it's immediate deployment to counter the deadly Phobos Class Dreadnoughts.
The Terra was designed and built to be a hardcore combat vessel and barely had any luxuries, much unlike her sister Europa, which was essentially a 'seven star luxury cruise ship that could fight'.
Her air-arm, headed by Commodore Frederick Watson, mainly consisted of Centurion X and Britannia Class heavy gunships aside from Aurochs class transporters and EA-Centurion Growlers for the electronic attack roles.
The gigantic ship maneuvered for the last time towards the Ares shipyard and stopped just short of the Ares radar net. The Terra's massive hangar was jam-packed with an assortment of ships all aligned neatly in their individual work-stations on either sides and divided by wide white-lit walkways in the middle. A crystal white light lit up the entire place and scores of men and women in blue uniforms ran around checking and inspecting the ships.

Marines in their bulky black armors, boarded the Aurochs drop-ships in neat lines. The Marine pilots also boarded their gunships while teams of mechanics hastily armed them.
Overlooking the hangar was a large white cabin with a glass wall facing the hangar. Inside, photos of various ships and other paintings lined the walls. There was also a small bar in which an assortment of liquors was arranged in shelves.
Three fully armored young men stood looking down on the hangar.
"Damn straight! My blind grandma could've done this mission with both hands tied behind her back!" smirked Tychus- a huge bald and clean shaven man. He held a fat cigar in one hand and a VAT 69 whiskey glass in the other.
The other two men; Squadron leader Michael 'Slicer' Anderson, a tall bearded man and Major Calvin Taylor, a well built man with long hair, chuckled at their comrade's overconfidence.
"Ha! I can trust your grandma to do it but YOU on the other hand? I'll bet you'll be the first one screaming like a little girl for air support!" laughed Michael.
"Ah, hell yeah Slicer-man! Like he did last time in that raid on the rogue fleet outpost." Calvin also laughed while sipping on his Vat 69.
"Shut the @#$! up! I'll put you both assholes a wager. If don't call for air-support you're giving me 10,000 Rins each." a visibly annoyed Tychus smirked back.
"And if you do?" Calvin's face lit up as he looked over to Tychus.
"If he does, my dear Wolf, he's not drinking any alcohol for five weeks. Ain't I right Candy-man?"

Tychus was about to let loose a volley of mean words but the door behind them suddenly opened. The three turned around and saluted as Admiral Decker and Commodore Watson walked in.
"At easy gentlemen. Sit down" Decker said and they both sat down on large chairs behind a black office table.
"This is not going to be a cakewalk gentlemen. This shipyard is heavily defended as is the planet. I'm entrusting the lives of these men to your hands and while I am fully aware that most will not return, I do not want to mourn heroes." Decker said firmly while staring into each man's eyes individually.
"Slicer, since you're leading the spatial and aerial assault, your men will be going in first. Just keep the defenders busy enough for the Aurochs to fly in. The ship will provide as much support as possible but we're mainly gonna concentrate fire on the Deimos. You'll be free to enter the planet's atmosphere once the space defenders are down and assist in ground support. Are we clear?" said Commodore Fredrick Watson in a highly accented Scottish English.
"Yes sir. We'll do our best." Michael replied solemnly.
"Candy-man and Wolf, you're leading the ground assault teams so you'll face the brunt of it. The scientists are holed up in a large lab complex marked on position Delta and they are mission critical. You must recover the top scientists alive at all costs so do NOT use any explosives within the lab complex. Wolf will attack from East of the compound and take out the complex defenses while Candy-man will serve as Wolf's Bravo and secure the scientists. The Ares will be armed with heavy tanks and artillery. Unfortunately we don't have that available yet but you can request for air support from any of Mike's Britannias. Are we clear?"
"Tanks chief?. Looks like Tychus here is gonna be on dry days now. Ha ha ha!" Calvin laughed.
"Tychus if you can pull this off I'll make sure these two serve as your personal butlers while you're dry. Dismissed gentlemen." Commodore Watson laughed and the three men rushed out of the room and into the hangar.
"Damn straight! I'll decorate father's room with Ares scientists!" Ares declared.

Tychus and Calvin ran into the lead Aurochs transport moments before a large jet powered elevator lifted it to the flight deck.
The flight deck was littered with Britannias and Centurions which were being brought up from the hangar. The first flight of twenty Britannias took to the air followed by another two flights.
"Nest this is War-wolf leader, we're space-borne." Michael declared as his squadron of Britannias flew over the ship.
"This is Warlock, we are space-borne" Shane Filomena, the second flight's leader reported before also doing a 'fly-over'.
"This is Dragon, we're in the space!" Jamie, the third flight leader reported before imitating his fellowmen.
The sixty gunships immediately set course towards the Ares shipyard which was still relatively far away.
"Attention flights, the ship is now crossing into Ares Radar Coverage. Expect heavy resistance." the ship declared.

Sure enough the first Ares warning began to be broadcasted to Michael and Shane.
"Attention Commonwealth ships; This is Ares Space Force. You are entering restricted Ares space, desist from moving further or you will be fired upon without warning!" a desperate female voice cried.
"Ares Space Force negative! You are instructed to surrender yourselves to the Commonwealth Fleet. Fail to do you and you shall be expunged from this system." Shane replied blatantly.
Within seconds swarms of Sandstorm gunships deployed from the shipyard.

"Nest this is War-wolf flight. We're approaching the shipyard. Tally Bandits at 1'O Clock, beaming."
"Roger that War-wolf. Attention all flights; Warlock and Dragon will engage bandits. War-wolf, you are to engage the shipyard's defenses and assist in atmospheric attack on the planet. All units please acknowledge."
"Roger Nest"
"Affirmative Nest"
"Copy that nest, this is Warlock flight, threat due Delta- West, all units strip and engage!"

Within immediate effect the Britannias broke formation and began to fire their deadly package of XM900s at the approaching Sandstorms- many of which never got a chance to fire a single shot at the formidable Britannias. The black space filled up with white and red spacecraft all engaging each other at breakneck velocities. The Britannias unleashed their Katana Star-cannons and tore through the wave of Sandstorms.
"War-wolf here, we're going in low towards the shipyard's fuel depots. Requesting cover." Michael said as his team of twenty Britannias dove towards the humongous shipyard.
"Hang tight I've got you!" James responded as his team lunged after Mike.
Michael's Britannias released a wave of XM900 Lucifer missiles- most hit their targets and large explosions engulfed the shipyard.
"Flash one! The shipyard's burning but they're still deploying Sandy's. We're going in for another shot."
Michael and his team were had barely turned around for another attack run when out of nowhere a burst of lightening turret rounds pounded into the Britannias.
"Holy cow! It's the destroyer! War-wolf five and eight have just been vaporized!!" Mike screamed.
"This is Dragon 15, I'm hit!!! Ejecting!"
"This is Warlock 4, may-day. may-day, may-day I'm going down. Ejecting to ship"
"Dragon 18 is going down. Tell my wife I wasn't cheat'n on er!"

Casualties began to pile up as the stupendous Deimos tore through the Commonwealth ships, even killing any Sandstorms that got in the way.
The horrified pilots called for help and not a moment to soon the Terra slowly entered the battlefield.
"Pick on someone your own size god damn faggot!" The ship's weapons officer cried as the first burst of Tev-9s pounded the Deimos.
The Deimos immediately turned it's attention to the Carrier and fired a salvo of Fusion howitzer rounds.
"We've got it boss!" Shane yelled as he flew over the carrier and fired off fifteen XM900s at the approaching warheads. They collided and the missiles blew away the howitzer rounds in a large explosion.
The Deimos continued to engage the carrier with howitzers while continuing to swat the Britannias with it's lightening turrets - killing off one third of them.
The remaining Britannias continued to engage the Sandstorms and the remainder of Mike's squadron kept up their attack on the shipyard and the planet it was encapsulating eventually disabling it.
"The Shipyard's defenses are down! Attention all flights the Ares shipyard is down. We're entering into the planet." Mike declared as his remaining ten Britannias vanished into the planet in violent fireballs.

The ship herself continued her powerful attack before eventually unleashing the deadly M5 Nemesis missiles.
"Clear the deck everyone, fat boys coming through." the ship declared and fifteen Nemesis missiles flew away at lightening speed towards the destroyer.
The Deimos was no match for the Terra and after killing almost half of the Britannias, it exploded violently sending shock-waves in all directions.
Most of the downed Britannia pilots had ejected safely to the carrier but many didn't make it.

"We're launching the Aurochs! Keep the space clean." the ship declared and the seven Aurochs transports hurried towards the planet.
"Roger that Nest. Assuming escort." Shane declared triumphantly and his remaining Britannias formed up on the Aurochs.

"Okay Mikey... Now it's our turn!" Tychus and Calvin declared as the Aurochs descended into the planet.
"Umm, I'm sorry I just killed your officer Akira, but he was getting on my nerves''
"Can I take his ship now?"

Calvin E. Taylor to Akira Gorbachev, the daughter of Ares Chief Admiral Vasily Gorbachev, after brutally killing one of her Tundra pilots.

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Wed Mar 16, 2016 9:52 am

Bloody hell! Demios ftw! Man, that was just awesome! Worth that one day you stayed offline! Completely! Keep writing!

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The Betrayal

Destroyed Ares Shipyard
Planet Korhal

"Get out! Move! Move! Move!" Taylor screamed at his men even as artillery fire landed inches away from the Aurochs. The transports had to clear away fast so that they could be called for evacuation during egress.
The Marines immediately hunkered down and began to move slowly towards the large science complex. In the distance they could see the group of Aurochs deploying Tychus Findley's teams.
The sky and the immediate atmosphere was completely red and gale force winds blew the copper-red sand in all directions. There were large mountains everywhere but not a single sign of any trees or even shrubs.
The men marched on while trying their best to fight the winds. The science complex was very large sprawling complex with around five or six heavily fortified main buildings surrounded by many smaller buildings.

"Okay men, we have very little time. The main Ares forces have already mobilized towards us and we'll be taking contact within seconds! We gotta clear the place for Tychus and his men! Marines! Oorah!" Calvin instructed his men and the team of around fifty men double marched towards the compound. Within seconds heavy machine-cannon fire rattled the group killing one marine instantly. They fell to the ground to take cover and fired back.
"Contact!!! Fire! Fire! Fire!" Taylor ordered and his men began to fire their heavy C-14 Gauss rifles at the compound wall. The Ares warriors opened the compound gates and charged towards the incoming marines.

The shoot out began and the charging marines suffered many casualties while also inflicting heavy damages to the Ares forces.
"Mike! We're getting pounded! Take out those artillery positions!"
"Copy that Cal! I'm coming in hot with Nukes! Keep your heads low."
The large Britannia swooped in and unleashed a salvo of XM900s which caused three large mushroom clouds in the distance. The artillery rounds stopped instantly but the compound's turrets kept up their attack.
Meanwhile, Tychus' team had breached the eastern gates but were taking heavy fire and in-turn casualties.
"Damn it! We need to take out those god damn turrets!" Tychus yelled on the radio.
"Belay that order! Do not engage the complex with space weapons, we cannot risk the lives of those scientists!" Admiral Decker thundered back from the ship.
"Sir? We're getting killed here. We cannot breach the complex, we need air support now!" Calvin yelled.
"That's your challenge Major! Shut up and get those scientists!" Decker yelled.
"Hey Tychus and Calvin, listen up. I've got those turrets in sight, I'm coming in with my Katana. The light will blind your asses so just hunker down for a few seconds!" Michael declared- seemingly ignoring Admiral Decker's orders.
"Major Anderson you are instructed to desist from your current course of action!" Decker screamed but it was too late. Five Britannias flew over the compound and pounded it with their Katana Star-cannons resulting in not just the destruction of the defense turrets but also of some nearby buildings.
"War-wolf 1 you are hereby charged with dereliction of duty! You'll get a court marshal for this Anderson and I don't give a damn @#$! if your daddy hangs me for it!" Decker thundered furiously.
The Marines rejoiced and finally managed to fight their way into the compound.
"Hey Mikey, thanks for taking it. We'll go down together brother!" Taylor said joyfully as his men ripped open the compound gates and pushed through.
"You saved our asses brother. I'll buy you a drink!" exclaimed Tychus.
"No worries boys, we'll sort it out if we make back alive. I'm engaged with Sandstorms right now. Call me if you need me. Good luck!" Mike responded.

Inside the Marines fired at the hordes of Ares soldiers charging at them and defeated them with ease. Tychus sighted the main laboratory tower and charged towards it.
"Okay Taylor, my team is going in. Keep us covered!" Tychus exclaimed and the remainder of his men charged into the large five story tower.
Taylor and his men garrisoned themselves inside the compound after killing off the last Ares soldiers. Unfortunately for them however, the main Ares Army had now gathered outside the compound and Taylor struggled to keep them there.
Thousands of Ares soldiers and tanks descended from mountains and besieged the compound from all sides. Taylor's men took positions around the walls and tried to defend it as best as they could.
"Hey Slicer! I sure could use those Nukes right now."
"Negative Wolf, the XM900 will level the place. We're coming in with the Katana, standby."
"Aright, cause I'm pretty much surrounded over here- you know what I mean?."
"War-wolf flight inbound. Commencing gun run!"

The Britannias came in again to pound the battlefield but the Ares were prepared this time. They fired hundreds of lasers and tactical aerial nukes at the approaching squadron.
"Look out!!" Mike yelled as two of his Britannias exploded and came crashing down to the ground. The pilots ejected right into the Ares army and were shot dead instantly.
"Damn it!! I have men down!"
The remaining Britannias still managed to unleash their Katana and destroyed many tanks. Taylor knew this was futile.
"Attention everyone. This is War-hammer Team Alpha. We have secured the scientists, I say again, the packages are secure." Tychus announced.
"Understood, Alpha we're sending in shuttles to pick you guys up from the roof. Bravo, we need you to suppress the Ares anti-air while Alpha is in egress." The ship responded.
"We'll try our best Nest but we're surrounded and we won't be able to hold on for much longer." Taylor replied.
"Roger that Bravo, we're dispatching additional shuttles."

Three Aurochs entered into the atmosphere while Taylor and Mike continued to fight the never ending waves of Ares.
Suddenly, as the shuttles closed in, flashes of lightening repeatedly hit the shuttles from the sky causing two of them to exploded in mid-air.
"What the hell!!!" everyone yelled.
"Everyone this is Warlock! There's an Ares Phobos Dreadnought in the system! It was hiding behind a plasma cloud! Dragon is down and we're...." the transmission ended abruptly.
"Warlock!! Come in Shane! James! Answer me god damn it!" Mike yelled.
"Holy @#$!! Attention all units there's an Ares Phobos in the battlefield we need to evac now!" Tychus yelled.
The remaining Auroch hovered over the main science lab fighting the wind. Tychus' team and the Ares scientists floated up into the hovering ship.
"We cannot take any more passengers. We're punching out!" the Aurochs pilot exclaimed and flew away.
"War-wolf we need your squadron to engage the Phobos and distract it while the shuttle carrying the scientists egresses the planet! Move it Major now!" Decker screamed on the radio.
"What? What about Bravo? His team will be overrun within minutes!" Mike screamed in horror.
"Follow the god damn orders Major! Tychus is on board that shuttle with the scientists! Engage that Phobos now! We're sending additional support vessels for Taylor!" Decker screamed.
"Wait! Mike! We'll be dead in minutes! Can you try and assist? Please Mike!" Taylor yelled.
"I, I'm sorry Wolf, I've got to engage that Phobos or everyone dies. They're sending another shuttle, just make sure you get on it. " Mike said remorsefully and flew away with his squadron towards the distant Phobos.
Taylor was now left with only ten men fighting their asses off and their munitions slowly running dry.

Mike and his men headed towards the Phobos and fired their remaining Lucifers but the Phobos commander was much too clever for it. He simply ignored the Britannia gunships and headed straight for the carrier. His missile defense turrets made short work of the nuclear warheads well before they could impact.
"This is Admiral Gorbachev of the Ares fleet. You've caused much damage to my little shipyard Decker. Hand over my brains and I'll spare your pathetic ship." The Ares Phobos broadcast on the universal frequency in a dark Russian baritone.
"Oh? There's more where it came from Gorbachev! I have many Gotha and Nemesis missiles for you!" Decker mocked back.
"Stop testing my patience Decker. I'm not known for being patient." The Phobos replied and decimated two of Mike's Britannias, barely missing his own ship.
"God damn it!" Mike screamed in horror as the two ejection pods exploded violently.

Admiral Decker then came on the private Commonwealth Frequency and gave an order that was to change the course of history forever.
"We have the scientists! We're warping out before the bugger comes in for a direct shot!" Decker declared.
"Wait no! Calvin is still down there! I'm going back after him!" Mike screamed in disgust.
"Michael we're not sacrificing five thousand people on the Terra for a few marines. We're leaving and you know well that Phobos will kill you anyway even if you try manage to get Taylor and his men out. War-wolf flight you are ordered to return to the carrier now or you shall be declared as a traitors killed in action along with Taylor." Decker ordered.
"What?!! You can't just leave him!!" Mike blasted.
Taylor and his men heard the conversation and looked to the sky even as the Ares tanks broke through the compound wall.
"Mike? Buddy? Are you coming? We're still five men left Mike. We're worth saving! Mike don't leave us!" Taylor declared emotionally.
"I'm sorry Calvin. I cannot die a traitor or let you be remembered as one. You fought well, you are a hero. Good luck my friend." Mike cried on the radio his remaining men returned to the carrier.
"We've seen enough Commodore Watson. Get us out of here!" Decker yelled.

Calvin Taylor looked at his men for the final time. He saw fear and hatred burning in their eyes.
"I'll never forget this Decker! I'll never forget you! I will remember you! I will remember you all!!! Especially you Michael! You god damn traitor! You left me and my brothers to die! We're Marines! We're brothers god damn it! I'll make your children pay for it! I'll make sure you don't go to the grave with grey hair! You'll live with this for @#$! ever!!!" Taylor screamed his lungs out to no response.
The five men glanced one last time at the sky and saw the large fuzzy silhouette of the Terra disappearing into space moments before an Ares grenade landed beside them.

------ Five hours later Night Time on Planet Korhal--------

"Boss! I think this one is alive! His armor's held very well!" A young Ares Captain reported to his senior. Torches bathed the downed marine and his eyes' pupils opened wide at the flash.
Admiral Vasily Gorbachev trampled over the dead bodies of the Commonwealth Marines in their armors. He reached the barely breathing Taylor and sprayed water into his eyes.
"I'll kill you Decker! Raaah! I'll kill you! I'll make you pay!" Taylor yelled with a jerk.
"Shhh... Calm down my boy. You've been through a lot young comrade. The honor of the Ares is known throughout the galaxy you know. We are not like your Commonwealth traitors who left you here to rot." the admiral said pretentiously. "Get him up! Get him out of the armor and into the ship!" He ordered and around then men in red uniform ripped open Taylor's heavy armor with lasers.
"We will help you get that revenge my boy.We will help you!"
" Yes! Yes! I will get my revenge! I will make Anderson, Decker and the baby Anderson pay for their insolence! For their betrayal! Aaahhhh!!!!!!!!"

Taylor screamed as the massive Phobos Dreadnought hovered over the planet.
"Umm, I'm sorry I just killed your officer Akira, but he was getting on my nerves''
"Can I take his ship now?"

Calvin E. Taylor to Akira Gorbachev, the daughter of Ares Chief Admiral Vasily Gorbachev, after brutally killing one of her Tundra pilots.

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Wed Mar 16, 2016 4:32 pm

Holy @#$!! That was just f*ing awesome! Keep up the kickass work!

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Thanks Wolf!

I hope I did justice to Calvin in this backstory.

I'll be writing more here, I want to link Calvin to [spoiler= Helios and the Antarctica /spoiler]
"Umm, I'm sorry I just killed your officer Akira, but he was getting on my nerves''
"Can I take his ship now?"

Calvin E. Taylor to Akira Gorbachev, the daughter of Ares Chief Admiral Vasily Gorbachev, after brutally killing one of her Tundra pilots.

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"Those who break the rules are thrash.
But those who abandon their comrades are worse than thrash."
-Calvin Taylor
(originally by Kakashi Hatake)

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MikeAngora wrote:Thanks Wolf!

I hope I did justice to Calvin in this backstory.

I'll be writing more here, I want to link Calvin to
If you read up the Bonus in the Gaiden, you find that Wolf was sent on a chore to the Antartica before the events of this thread

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Tue Mar 22, 2016 7:08 pm

Here, a still from Lone Wolf Walking op. With C. Taylor battling through an Ares vehicle (kinda). Everyone wears the standard CW Navy blue or Green, but not Taylor! He has the previlege to wear what he likes the most!
Taylor in lww.jpg
Here is Taylor during op LWW!
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