The Motivation Friends and Foes- Continued from last thread

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*** Continued from Friends and Foes' final latest chapter.

Ares Commune
Eta Ceti System
"Forced Alliance"


A Manticore Gunship, a Molotok Bounty Hunter and a flight of 30 Britannias float in front of a large Ares Commune and behind them a massive Star-ship Carrier almost the size of the Commune itself, floats with the words J.S.C Hyperion printed on it's side. In front of the Commune, two Deimos Destroyers, a single Chasm and up to 30 Sandstorms are floating just half a kilometer away from the Britannias. A single Super-Wolfen and a Heavy I.A.V are also floating among the Ares ships directly facing the Star-ship Carrier and and it's squadron.

------ The Motivation: Friends and Foes- Forced Alliance by Mike Raul Angora

"Is that a Star Carrier Mike? What have you done Michael?! You've joined the Commonwealth??! For mere vengeance?!!" Nova screamed angrily.
"Negative November. This is Jenna's Star-ship Carrier - The Hyperion, formerly the C.S.C Europa. This is the permanent Marauder base from now on." I replied.
"Michael it's wonderful! You did this?! I love you!!" Nova replied happily.
"Um... Hello? I'm sorry to interrupt your little love fest Romeo and Juliet, but uh... we're kind off in a standoff with Deimos destroyers aiming their lightening turrets at us. You both can make lots of love when this is over." Tychus interrupted sarcastically. A light laughter resonated on both Ares and Marauder frequency.
"Michael! Taylor didn't kill Jenna! It was Wade Jayridge!" Nova yelled.
"Don't believe in these Ares Splinters Madam! They're Taylor's pets! Taylor killed Jenna! We saw that shot coming from him!" Val replied angrily.
"Val no! You've got it all wrong! Taylor didn't fire that shot! The shot that hit Jenna's I.A.V was from a Akan Maelstrom. Chasms don't even support Akan weapons! Marauders please! Listen to me! I loved Jenna as much as you did and I'd willingly kill Taylor myself but he didn't do it! Please don't kill innocents!" Nova cried back.

Upon hearing this everyone went silent. The commander of the first Deimos, a bearded man wearing traditional Arabic clothing became visible on all our screens.
"Salam Alei-kum Commander Michael Anderson. Greetings from your servant Commodore Khalid Sheikh. It is but an honor to meet you and your brave men. Major November speaks correctly Effendi. We are well acquainted with Mezm Sadiqi Aleaziz Taylor. In fact, I was in the team that upgraded the Chasm to the Frostbite under Admiral Vasily Gorbachev's instruction. The Akan Maelstrom was not made by us nor do we know about it. We stand ready to fight you if you wish but, I sincerely hope you make a wise decision as you always have. " he said in a very pronounced Arabic accent while referring to Taylor as 'Sadiq' meaning 'Most Dear Friend' in Arabic.
I was completely dumbstruck upon hearing this and immediately scanned the reports of Jenna's I.A.V - it was indeed hit by an Akan shell. I quickly relayed it to my team and they also confirmed but I still wasn't buying it. Taylor had threatened to kill my teammates before and he made a mockery of Chuck's death. If he didn't kill directly then he must have hired someone else to do it.
"Psst sir? The Ares ships are disarming their weapons. I think they might have a point. Should we follow suit?" Gordon whispered but I didn't reply.
I fell into deep thought and scratched my head but one thing was clear- Nova was right about slaughtering innocents- it was not happening.

"War-wolf flights disengage your weapons from Ares ships." I announced on the universal frequency so the Ares could also hear. My team did as I said and downed their combat radars.
"Thank you Mike." Nova sighed in relief.
"Commodore Khalid Sheikh we have disarmed our weapons. I mean no harm to the Ares but I still need to know where Calvin Taylor is." I said but suddenly Andrew and his team immediately illuminated a single red dot on the screen.
"Sir!! We're detecting an inbound!" he said.

"Why don't you go pick on someone you're own size asshole!!" The majestic Frostbite Class Chasm warped in directly on top of the Commune.
"Oh my God! Mike wait! wait!" Nova screamed at the top of her voice but it was too late. I accelerated towards the Frostbite with full thrusters.
"Attention all ships; Ares and Marauders! Do not engage! DO NOT ENGAGE!!" Nova screamed.
"Commodore Khalid, we are not engaging! Marauders are not engaging!" Tychus blasted into the radio.
"Understood! Attention Ares Ships do not engage!" Commodore Khalid called back, narrowly avoiding a bloodbath on both sides.

"Nova! Stop this! They'll kill each other!" a horrified Sally cried.
"Yea! November stop them!" my teammates cried.
"NO!! NO!! Let him do it! Do not stop him! It's been pending for a long time." Tychus yelled furiously.

"Michael, if you're listening to this I just want you to know that I love you. I always have! Please come back alive." Nova said but I ignored her.

Taylor warped out of weapons' range to avoid hitting the Commune- I followed. The Ares ships and the Marauders watched the battle in silence from a distance.

"You wanted a fight, now you got it! Common Taylor!" I yelled and launched my volley of thermonuclear MAG rounds on him. Only one out of the five hit but didn't even graze his shield.
"Finally! Decker's pet chihuahua decides to bite! I've been waiting for this moment for all of my life Anderson! Rrrrrr Ahh!!" he yelled and dove directly towards my Manticore.
He fired his deadly blue plasma cannon at me and I barely managed to avoid it. He was on my six now and his radar was painting me.
"Last words @#$!?" he snickered.
"Yea! Eat this!" I snickered back and instantly flipped my ship 180 degrees and fired a round from my Mark VII howitzer. He fired a retaliatory shot of his cannon blowing up the light-speed round in a violent explosion.
We sped towards each other at breakneck speeds. His Frostbite was a thousand times better than my Manticore but I had something that Taylor didn't... experience as a space-fighter. Taylor was a master of strategics but when it came to pure dog fighting in the mud- it was all me.
I could see the Chasm speeding towards me now and I fired ten MAGS followed by two rounds of the Mark 7. Taylor unleashed hell from his end. Unfortunately, we were both too fast to slow down and went head first into the explosion.
"No!! Mike!!! No!!!! Come in War-wolf! Come in! Please!! Answer me, god damn it!" Nova's horrified screams rang on the radio.
"Calm down Nova. He's okay, I'm getting readings on his Manticore. Unfortunately, the sewer rat lived too." Andrew responded calmly.
Andrew was right but barely. I recovered from the impact but my shield's were now near 16%.
'Systems Damaged' my ship warned; my MAG launchers were out. I was only left with my Mark VII.

"Looks like the sloopy cu*t made it out alive! Not for long!! This is for Jared! He jumped on a grenade to save me!" Taylor spat and came around for another shot. His own shields were at 20% at this stage.
"At least Jared was a seasoned soldier and Marine! Jenna was a baby! God damn child killer!" I screamed back and unleashed another two rounds of the Mark 7- they grazed his left wing.
"Jenna? Oh so you were bumping kids now too huh Anderson? That sl*t Nova wasn't enough for you? This is for James! An Ares tank run over him!" he fired and his plasma pounded me bringing my shield down to zero instantly and he laughed.
"Jenna was my daughter! You had nothing against her! You're no Lone Wolf! You're a god damn stray dog who bites kids!" I said and headed towards him again. My deflector would take another minute to recharge and I knew a direct shot from plasma would turn me into space dust, but I charged anyway.
"I didn't kill your bit*ch you fu*ked up piece of @#$! stuck in Decker's butt! It was Decker! The @#$! hired my own guy to kill me! The kid fired but he missed me!" Taylor replied, instantly exploding a psychological bomb in my head. We were now in a full one on one dog fight and I had his tail directly at my 12 O clock.
"LIES!! A coward with excuses! Blame Decker now! Only one of us will live today Calvin Taylor and I gotta put the bad dog down for good- even if I die while at it!" I said even as I continued to push my battered ship.
"Excuses?? 'Ooo! I won't let you die a traitor!' 'I'm leaving you and your men to die for the greater good', how are those for excuses ass-wipe? My men died in front of me! One by uhhhh!" he yelled as one of my Mark 7 rounds tore into his ship, killing his shields to 1%.

We were now face to face against each other and both our shields were gone. A single shot from either one would decimate the other. I put my thumb on my joystick.
"Looks like it ends here Anderson. Together!" he gave a wicked laugh.
"Looks like it does Calvin. For what it's worth mate, I'm really sorry for Lone Wolf Walking. I am guilty for leaving you behind but it was not by choice I was forced by Decker." I said solemnly.
"For what it's worth mate, I think you're a piece of @#$! for thinking I'd kill a little girl. My man in his Freyr was sent by Decker to hunt for whoever was killing his Task Forces- meaning me and a dumbass named Mike Anderson, but when we saw an entire squadron of heavy I.A.Vs he @#$! up and accidentally hit your kid. For the last time Michael, I didn't kill your kid. Either way it doesn't matter, she'll be giving you a lap dance any second from now. Prepare to join her." he reiterated.
I began to sweat from my thumb as it gently pushed down on the button, nano-meter by nano-meter. Suddenly I noticed multiple red dots appearing on my screen.

"Wait Lone-Wolf! Don't shoot! Are you seeing this?" I exclaimed at the nick of time.
"You can bet your cocky ass I do. Yours?" he snorted back.
"Not mine! Calvin, these dots looks familiar." I said concernedly.
"You're damn right they look familiar. That's the god damn Terra with Aquila Cruisers!" he yelled. "Decker!" we exclaimed in unison.
"How the @#$! is this even happening?" he screamed furiously.
"There are two people in this galaxy who Decker fears the most. Who are they Calvin?"
"One would be yours fu*kn truly and the other has to be a betraying asshole named, hmmm lemme guess? Mike Anderson?" he replied sarcastically.
"Kill two birds with one stone! Decker knew we'd come here, he knew we'd fight each other and that only one of us would make it out alive and even that one would be severely weak. Calvin, don't you get it? This was a set up! Both of our shields are charging at 10%!" I said in an 'enlightenment voice'.
"And I'll bet you sold us out! Just like you did in L.W.W! What do you suggest punk?! Fight the Aquilas with 10% shields? " Taylor blasted back.
"Look around you Taylor." I said happily.

Ares and Marauder ships began to float around us in formation.

"No Lieutenant Calvin Edward Taylor, we fight with 100% shields and with an armada of Ares and Commonwealth ships." Nova declared, happy in the knowledge that she didn't become a widow.
"Domina! I claim the power to restore!!" she yelled and green energies swept over all the ships and brought both mine and Taylor's shields to 100%.
Taylor didn't respond to this and but gave a weak smile. "Pilgrims!" he smirked.
"Okay Anderson, we fight together for now but don't expect the same ending next time. Your girlfriend better have someone else who she can @#$! after you're dead." Taylor finally declared.
The ships quickly formed up in battle formation and prepared to defend the Commune.
"I don't believe this! We're fighting along side the Ares!!" one of my men snorted but everyone ignored him.

Calvin Taylor was a master tactician and strategist when it came to base defenses, so I let him call the shots. He ordered the Deimos Destroyers and the Hyperion in rear defense while the gunships engaged from the front.
Decker's C.S.C Terra and her complement of five Aquilas and their Britannia escorts were slowly moving within radar range and the moment they did, Decker sent out a message.

"You lunatics really think you can beat me?! I am the master of the Commonwealth! However, that does not make me a 'bad' man as you all may think! Hand over to me Michael Anderson and Calvin Taylor and I'll let your pathetic lives continue for a few more days!" He declared. There was complete silence. No one said a word in response.
"Anderson, this man has destroyed enough lives! Let's face him alone and let these kids live!" Taylor whispered to me.
"I'm on the verge of saying yes to that Calvin but we both know Decker well enough. He will not spare anyone even if he kills us." I replied.
"Admiral Conrad Decker! You have destroyed lives! Dreams! Hopes! We choose to fight to the end! To the last ship!" I replied.
"Oh... ha! ha! ha! Well if it isn't Anderson's son! Your father was right, you were his biggest mistake! Well, now it's time to set that error right! You have your orders Captain Barnett, carry them out! " Decker responded and suddenly my ship became illuminated with an XM900's weapon's radar.
"Valentino! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" I screamed I and waited for Taylor to pass a 'I knew it was your men' comment but he didn't. 'Hohs and hoos spread throughout the squadron.

"I made a deal with the devil Commander Anderson! I had no choice, Admiral Decker threatened to kill my family back in Starlton Eridani! " he replied as calmly as he could.
"We were all here by our own choices Val. All you had to do was say it and I would've let you go back." I replied.
"He's lying Mike! He doesn't have any surviving family members!" Nova thundered furiously.
"Cotton picking bastard!! What did Decker offer you to sell your family Val?" Tychus snapped.
"Something that you can never offer! I get a clean record; a top job in the Terra and freedom from living under your nose! If anyone dares illuminate me, I'll blast your beloved Mike out of the sky! Now surrender yourself to the good admiral or die!" he screamed back.
"I gave up my daughter for you guys! I was willing to die for you! I even lost my sister Susan for your guys! This is what I get in return? Come' on Val! Press the damn button!" I snapped as my blood curdled in my veins.
"Do you have him Lieutenant Taylor?" Nova asked Calvin.
Val immediately began to panic upon hearing this. The Frostbite had a stealth radar that could illuminate a target thousands of miles away without anyone even getting a whiff of it.
"You bet your ass I do lady." Taylor snorted back.
"Then take him." Nova replied calmly and thrust her ship next to mine.
"Hey wait! What's happening?!" Val panicked and a nano second before the Lucifer could leave it's tube, a bright blue light tore through the Britannia and vaporized the debris into molten metal.

"Thank you Calvin" I said calmly.
"Next time it's gonna be you!" he snorted back and we prepared to fight our enemy.
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"Umm, I'm sorry I just killed your officer Akira, but he was getting on my nerves''
"Can I take his ship now?"

Calvin E. Taylor to Akira Gorbachev, the daughter of Ares Chief Admiral Vasily Gorbachev, after brutally killing one of her Tundra pilots.

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Wed Apr 13, 2016 5:17 pm

:roll: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

I liked that Tychus guy. And maybe I should add a Plasma cannon to the Frostbite in my mod.

And you got a Pilgrim. I got a reaper Deagle :mrgreen:

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Fri Apr 15, 2016 7:32 am

I like the new ending way better! Nice work!

BTW, you misspelled "come on" by "common", when you challenge Val to shoot.

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Eta Ceti System

Mikey Raul Angora and The Lone Wolf Present--- The last over of this arc in the Motivation.


LoneWolf: A mad scientist with fluffy hair, who lives on-board the Normandy SR-2.

Mike Raul Angora: A big, hairy man who's life is essentially a big LARP (live action role-play)- including his marriage.

***(Recollections played in slow motion )

I'll be very honest, I don't have a very clear recollection of what happened during the actual battle because I hit my head really bad when I ejected. I vaguely remember ordering Calvin to lead the attack. There was complete chaos and ships were flying everywhere shooting at anything they could. Calvin and I were to attack the Terra while everyone else engaged everything else.

"Aright folks, here they come. I'm giving you very clear instructions now. If your shields fall below 40% you warp to the Sisters of Domina Sanctuary. I'm sending the coordinates to you. It's been an honor everyone! Kick butt and don't get your asses killed. For FREEDOM!! " I remember Taylor screaming as he charged towards the incoming fleet.
"Oh? So you've chosen oblivion? I can arrange that." Admiral Conrad Decker had declared arrogantly to us as we charged.
"Come on Decker! I've waited for this moment for all my life! This is for the millions you've killed! For the lives you've destroyed, for the dreams you tore apart! For Jared!, For James! For Randy! For Jensen! For Dave! For Akira... For everything I promised them! For everything left undone! For me...!!" Taylor screamed in a fit of rage and pushed his engines to their limits and accelerated even faster.
To me this was all in hazy and white. Ships flying everywhere and shooting everything. I was flying through them and to my left I saw two Aquilas being decimated by the Hyperion and Ares Deimos destroyers. To my right many of Decker's Britannias were being butchered by my own Britannias and Taylor's Chasms and Tundras.
"Mike! We've lost Andrew! He's going down! I'm going after him!" I remember hearing Nova's anxious screams.
"Sir! We're punching out!"
"I've lost Grey Wolf 4!"
"Mikey! Tychus here. We're losing men! I'm taking the Marauders out to recharge the shields!"
"Commander Taylor! This is Deimos One; bulkhead breach imminent!"

It was then that I remembered a bright yellow light gathering around the Terra. My worst fears had come true.
"Hey Anderson?! Do you wanna save the thousands of people in that commune along with your family?" Taylor yelled across on the two-two frequency.
I knew exactly what he meant. Decker was only after both of us and everyone else was merely collateral damage to him. I knew exactly what the outcome of my decision would be and I was ready to accept it.
"Okay Calvin. I'm up for it. Call it in and have everyone evacuate before that thing charges up to full power." I replied.
"Good, cause if you run out on me like you did last time, Decker's gonna track you wherever you go and destroy everything in between. Decker won't give a @#$! if everyone else warps." he said frantically even as the anti anti-matter coating bubble surrounded the Terra to protect it from becoming annihilated itself. The golden lights also became brighter by the second.
"I won't leave you this time Calvin. I'm with you." I replied earnestly.

Taylor got on the comm and called in the evac orders.

"November! Mike and I are going in after the Terra! Take your team, the Ares ships and the Commune's escape capsules to the C.S.C Antarctica! We'll wake make it!" Taylor panicked.
"What the hell's going on Calvin? Why is the Terra glowing? Why the evac orders?" Nova said, seemingly unaware about the situation at hand.
"Admiral Decker is about to destroy this quarter.Mike and I need to be here to make sure he doesn't follow you. This is the only way." he replied calmly.
"What? You expect me to believe you?? You'll kill Michael once we're gone! I'm not going anywhere!" she thundered back.
"We'll make it lady! I won't kill your damn boyfriend! I swear okay?! Get out or you'll all get killed! Think of the thousands in the Commune! Think of your people in the Hyperion! Think of Selena! Leave god damn it!!"
"Nova! He's right, leave! Get the hell outta here! I love you baby, I always will! My life rests in you and Sally my darling, I need you both to live! Warp now!" I remember myself screaming to which Nova pleaded to the otherwise.
"Father no! We're not leaving you! Please! Warp with us!" Sally also yelled.
"Take care of your mother kid! Don't bring boys home!" I laughed back to vehement protests.
"Tychus! Warp away from the battlefield in one group! November do that 'desperate escape' thing you did in the Bermuda Nebula and warp out everyone! DO IT NOW!!" Taylor yelled furiously.
"No! Tychus we can't leave him! No! Please!! Michael!!" Nova pleaded.
"Calvin... I'm sorry for everything brother. You were our brother then, you are now and you will be forever- stay alive! Michael? I love you brother but don't expect me to walk Sally down the isle, you gotta come back and do it yourself!"
"We're good Tychus, now go! Take the damn kids and Ares ships outta here!" Taylor and I almost spoke in unison.
"Attention all Ares and Marauder ships; fall back to the Commune and prepare to warp outta here now! On my mark... MARK!!!" Tychus declared.
"No! Mike! No! Please!!!"

"He's gonna use the Lamplighter on us Mikey boy... Any last words?" Taylor remarked as we charged towards the Terra. She was now completely golden and glowing brilliantly, ready to unleash her deadly anti-matter weapon.
"Yeah... I'll have that strong coffee with you now." I laughed as we unloaded our weapons at the massive spaceship carrier.

The yellow flash blinded me and it felt as if the sun itself had been launched towards us, there were sparkles everywhere.

"Calvin! Where are you?? I can't see a damn thing!" I screamed as my ship filled up with the golden light.
"Michael!! Keep your hands on the trigger! Keep firing!" he yelled back.
I did exactly as told and kept on unleashing my MAGS and MARK 7 rounds towards the light. Less than a minute later, I began to feel the inevitable burning all over my body. The Lamplighter round had been released from it's chamber.
"I think this is it for me brother. War-wolf leader is going down. Calvin, if you live, promise to watch over Nova and Sally. Add that to your pending dying requests from the Reapers."
"Umm not happening." Calvin laughed back.
"Watching over my family?"
"No, making it out alive. I'd to watch over November and Selena. Hell yeah, I'll watch over every inch of em ha! ha! ha! See you on the other side mate."

The round sped towards us at light speed and then everything went black.
"Umm, I'm sorry I just killed your officer Akira, but he was getting on my nerves''
"Can I take his ship now?"

Calvin E. Taylor to Akira Gorbachev, the daughter of Ares Chief Admiral Vasily Gorbachev, after brutally killing one of her Tundra pilots.

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Sun Apr 17, 2016 2:12 pm

For all whats worth, I'm going to pull something off.

*Draws the Crimson Black Deagle.
*"Fire and Shadow" a whisper echoes forth in the Frostbite.
*A horrible wave of crunches spreads across the arm holding the gun.
*The Fbite begins to glow in the same color as the Deagle.
*Pulls trigger.
*Collapses. Crunches spreading throughout the body.
*Shadowy flames usher forth towards the enemies.

By crunches, I mean... Say a vacuum point appears suddenly in some part of the arm. The phenomena of that part of arm getting a huge squeeze towards it, so that it looks like a horribly twisted cloth, is called crunch.

Its not a part of the story, guys. Its just a...parallel episode (?) showing the power of Andre's revolver.
Another is that you can hold its...err...holding place with two hands, then pull simultaneously to the respective side (Left and right) and you will have two revolvers, one in each hand.

xD I don't always make OP characters. Its not OP btw

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