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EDIT AND COMPILATION- I'll be posting here for editing and compilation. Once this is complete, I'll delete the other topics to clean up the form.

Introduction --

Human beings have proven themselves to be the most destructive force that has ever appeared in the universe. They have laid waste to entire nations, continents, landscapes and even themselves in their insatiable thirst for control of resources. Their thirst for blood had also made them one of the most suicidal races too with millions of people being slaughtered to feed the power-lust of a few men sitting on round tables.
The 21st Century bore witness to the most gruesome of the terror that is humanity with terrorism, imperialism, communism, religion-ism, totalitarianism,- and every other 'isms' being hell bent on destroying both humanity and her home- Earth.

At the end of the 21st Century humans received their first true jolt of reality as their dwindling resources of fossil fuels finally gave way and the last vehicle to burn the final drop of petroleum drove from the United Nations building to the home of an old man - Marcus Wright- the last President of the United States of America.
Wars were ended abruptly and a desperate call was made to one and all to unite and save humanity from it's suicidal reign.

With the dawn of the 22nd Century, the United Nations was disbanded and the Earth split into three major powers of Earth namely the North Atlantic Union, Asian Pacific Directorate, and United African States. All countries were united under each of these leaderships and together they formed a united front representing all life on earth and it's colonies.

Regular missions to our sister planet Mars were conducted and in the middle of the 22nd Century a full settlement was set up on the planet. Water, which had until then eluded humans due their lack of technical prowess, was found and harvested from below the surface of the planet and the dried rivers of Mars were filled again to the brim. The Martian colonies flourished and advancements in space based transportation allowed for much quicker and easier trips between the two planets. Colossal space stations were built to orbit the sun like normal planets and humans eventually got their first taste of living outside earth permanently.
Genetics also came to the forefront and stem-cell research had enabled humans to do away with most illnesses including the notorious cancers and AIDS. Genetic engineering allowed humans to develop more enhanced features and consequent generations became stronger and more resilient to illnesses.

Unfortunately, humans could not have their cake and eat it too. Genetic engineering allowed the creation of augmented humans that were more intelligent, stronger and infinitely more powerful than their fellow men. This caused outrage among the social fabric as the rich were able to afford such super-human treatments, while the poorer sections of society lagged behind. After much deliberation and even a full war, the Commonwealth enforced a limited ban on Genetic Engineering in all human settlements including Mars. Peace was restored but everyone knew full well that it would be ephemeral.
The Mars Colonists, along with other space-faring colonists deemed the augmentation of humans imperative to surviving in the inhospitable conditions of space and continued search and genetic modifications on a full scale while their Earthen brothers worked at a reduced level.

Not all humans were as willing to be genetically modified however. Populations of the Middle-Eastern and West Asian countries such as the Arabia, vehemently opposed genetic modifications as they continued to believe it was against the will of the Abrahamic God. They demanded all humans put an end to the Genetic Engineering Research and eventually declared war on the rest of the world by forming a group known as the El Sapiens Abana Allah (Translated as, the Human Children of God). The Earth-orbiting and space faring colonies were left fuming at this and threatened to declare independence from the Earth should a ban occur again. This situation became very close to an all-out war as the Sapiens had acquired nuclear weapons capable of unimaginable destruction. Eventually there was a compromise: all human genetic engineering on Earth was banned but the colonies could use genetic engineering as long as those changes were not inherited (i.e., no germ-line GE).

While the colonies accepted this compromise, the Sapiens of Abana Allah- or simply Sapiens as they began to be called, demanded that all life on and outside earth be restricted from genetic modifications. An year after this declaration, the Sapiens launched a dirty nuclear bomb on the Indian Sub-continent killing thousands and outraging both the Earthen humans and the space-colonists. An independent task force was sent to route the Sapiens and in less than a month of intense fighting the group's leadership fell.
The group was then banished to the most inhospitable systems- sent away in large Generation-ships. They continued to furiously oppose all forms of augmenting or enhancing humans, and remained hostile from then on, to all other human factions. The Sapiens used radiation and other bio-hazards as their weapon of choice against the “devolved Kafirs.”

Once peace was restored, the space-based colonies continued to flourish and prosper but realized that their genetic alterations had made them vastly different from their Earth brethren. These genetically different colonies eventually got together and formed the Commonwealth of Human Space or simply known as the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth continued in compliance with the Earth imposed ban on Germ Line Genetic Engineering and maintained good relations with the Earth Governments.

There remained, however, a group of people who did not accept the restriction on germ-line GE; those people founded the Syrtis colony on Mars and developed heritable genetic modifications to allow themselves to survive and prosper on the then barely terra-formed Mars.

23rd Century: The Age of Apocalypse
The Commonwealth grew and prospered throughout the 23rd century. Meanwhile, the Martian colonists who fled the genetic engineering ban on Germ Line G.E, formed the Syrtis Conclave—an almost utopian civilization with genetically engineered neo-humans living on the Martian surface. In 2243, however, guided by what they believe to be a divine intelligence in the Galactic Core, the Syrtis Conclave decided to annihilate Earth kicking off what go down forever in history as the Syrtis War.

In 2230, the Syrtis invaded Asian Pacific colonies on Mars and United African State colonies in the Belt. The three major powers of Earth (North Atlantic Union, Asian Pacific Directorate, and United African States) joined together to build a massive fleet (the Earth Fleet). The Commonwealth meanwhile, tried to remain neutral since they were mostly based in orbiting space platforms and had only recently begun setting up their capital in another solar system they christened St. Katherine's Star.
The Earth Fleet, hoping to regain the lost colonies eventually set up a task force and attempted an invasion of Mars six years later 2236. The Earth-fleet commanders had however, severely underestimated the Syrtis and the entire strike force was destroyed in orbit by the more superior Syrtis fleet.
This loss was a major drawback to the three Earth Directorates since they had very little left to defend themselves with.
The Syrtis Conclave, was already poised to take advantage of this situation and launched an ambitious attack on the Near Earth Orbit Colonies, which unbeknownst them, were actually representative colonies of the Commonwealth- leaving the Commonwealth fuming.

The Commonwealth, reeling under the loss of it's important colonies, finally voted war against the Syrtis in the same year- 2238. Commonwealth shipyards in the Centauri system are given an arduous and urgent program to build advanced warships and fighters to trump up the Commonwealth Fleet.
The construction time frame crippled the Commonwealth, buying the Syrtis enough time to capture the moon based Lunar colonies and directly threaten Earth in the year 2242.

The Earth Directorates however, remained resilient and had the Syrtis diplomats flayed as an act of defiance. Unable to get the Earth to surrender with threats, the Syrtis nuked the earth's major military bases from Lunar orbit and killed millions in the process. The Earth forces were weakened but continued to put up a brave front and resist further Syrtis attacks for almost a decade by which time they got word from the now battle ready Commonwealth Fleet.
In the year 2251, the Commonwealth Fleet entered into the Earthen Solar System and sterilized it of the Syrtis presence- including Mars- using heavy thermonuclear fusion weapons.
The beleaguered Syrtis forces were forced to retreat to solar systems beyond Jiang's Star and it is there they formed what became the Ares Orthodoxy- a quasi religious society that continues to fight against the Commonwealth to this day.
Earth, having faced the brunt of nuclear devastation, was also rendered inhabitable and the remaining populations were lifted into the Commonwealth Capital- St.Katherine's Star on a newly terra-formed planet named Incandescence- the jewel of human space.

The beginning of the 24th century brought with it a multitude of changes to the human race. Humanity had split into many small factions and each faction grew uniquely from the other, having settled in vastly different environments. The difference in genetics meant that the once very similar humans had in actuality turned into completely different races.
The Commonwealth also expanded at fever pitch, covering tens of different solar systems within the galaxy and building up an incredible fleet of ships from the humongous Commonwealth Star-ship Carriers to the smallest Ronin light attack crafts. Space stations were built on wholesale in every system and fueling depots became littered across the galaxy to feed thirsty vessels. Most factions like the Ringers, Teratons and Takions forged alliances with with the Commonwealth but many others like the Ventauri Warlords, the Kobols, Sapiens and Penitents continued to harbor hostility.
Earth became an abandoned planet due to the nuclear fall out and most Earthen memories were forgotten- including the cultures, traditions and religions.

The humans had now become Type 3 civilization and unbeknownst to them, a mysterious alien civilization known as the Iocrym, had been clandestinely monitoring this progress. Then, on a bright sunny afternoon on Incandescence, the Iocrym made first contact with human civilization.
The Iocrym flew aqua blue ships known to humans only as Sentinels. The humans and Iocrym exchanged knowledge and much was learned from them before they vanished, never to be seen again. A large crystalline monument was erected near the St. Kathrine's Sun to remember this first contact.
Meanwhile, the Ares continued to wage their war against the Commonwealth in the outer systems and the Commonwealth often found themselves involved in many skirmishes with them.

It was during this period that my story began- my Motivation.
"Umm, I'm sorry I just killed your officer Akira, but he was getting on my nerves''
"Can I take his ship now?"

Calvin E. Taylor to Akira Gorbachev, the daughter of Ares Chief Admiral Vasily Gorbachev, after brutally killing one of her Tundra pilots.

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