Multiple missions?

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If you have more than one mission active, the arrow guiding you to the location gets messed up.

I accepted a mission to take out a Centauri base in the Eridani system. On this playthrough Raisu Station was near that base, and that happened to be the last Centauri base I needed to kill to get the Arco Vaughn mission.

So instead of going back to the habitat to collect my reward, I stopped by Raisu first to get the "kill Arco" mission. As soon as I did that, the green arrow pointing back to the habitat disappeared and was replaced by a red one pointing to Arco. I stopped by the habitat to collect my reward, and the red arrow disappeared. Now I had no way of finding Arco. Luckily, I could get the arrow back by docking with Raisu again.

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I can confirm this. Particularly once you complete one of the missions.

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