Flaky aHitDir behavior.

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Mon Sep 15, 2014 5:04 pm

 At least I’m fairly sure this one’s a bug. In the process of trying to see how aHitDir works in <OnDamageArmor> and <OnDamageShields>, I got some rather strange results. Sitting still directly below a Centauri camp, I was getting results anywhere 256 to 283. Retesting from directly above, it was between 75 and 105. A bit of further poking revealed that the numbers represent degrees, with 0/360 being directly to the right and progressing counterclockwise. That much I get. I don’t get why I’m getting a randomized 30° of variance on aHitDir when neither I nor my target is moving.

EDIT: Bluh. Minor flub on my part. It’s checking the angle the shot was going, not the direction on the object where the hit was registered. Either way, though, the value still shouldn’t be bouncing around like that with two stationary objects.

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