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Ronin were warriors in feudal Japan
Ronin were warriors - masterless ones. It's not a glorious title, as it implies you are either not the loyal type and no lord will take you in, OR you unfortunately failed to protect your feudal lord, OR worse - you fell out of favor with your feudal lord but were spared ritual suicide. In the modern context, a Ronin is synonymous with NEET. <_<' The Ronin in this game don't have that sort of dishonor tho, and in fact are in common use by the Militia - but mercs and bandits guarding illegal caches also fly this too.

George should know more than me I think...

From the famous Bushido ("warrior's coda") Arms and Kabuto ("helmet") Defense Corp, who I suspect once sold Ronins:

Yoroi - "old-type" pre-1500 armor; made up of linked steel sections and leather where the joints should be.

Gusoku - "modern" type 1500-post armor. Most notable is that the chestplate comes in one single forged section. Lighter.

Katana - "samurai sword" is the general description, wielded by a once prestigious class of warriors. 1.5 handed curved blades forged by repeated folding and hammering of steel. 4 lengths.

Shuriken - aka "ninja stars". We see western B-movie/cartoon ninjas throwing these, but in reality I think the more aerodynamic and versatile Kunai (more dagger-like) were used.

Koshiba - Mr. Masatoshi Koshiba is a nobel prize winner - he discovered that neutrinos change state/type in transit from stars.

Hanzo - Masanari "Hanzo" Hattori, one of the most cariticured ninjas in modern media today, so much so that most of us have forgotten he is also a samurai. His feudal lord is Tokugawa Ieyasu; he was instrumental in helping said feudal lord gain power. While he is rumored to have "super cow powers" His real appearance is most un-ninjalike, really, as his favored weapon is a spear. >_>'

Makayev - a VERY old Russian rocket design/building company. They've been renamed today. They'll name themselves back in the future.
By the way, the famous Scud (NATO-report name) missile was designed and built by Makayev Rocket Design. Tried, tested and true for Real Soviet Damage.
(Come on, I want that to be their motto. :3)

Moskva -Anglicized name for the Russian language pronunciation of "Moscow". Capital of Russia, of course.

Strelka -Alongside Belka, the second dog (and in effect, animal) to be sent into space. They were the first animals to return from their journey alive. Their predecessor, Laika, didn't make it - not for lack of oxygen, mind, but for stress and the fact that they didn't heatshield the passenger compartment properly.

Omsk - City in a Russian province of the same name. Most notable for arms production during the cold war era - no longer, because they've all gone 'rupt.

Schtorm - you no longer see this in the game, but it was the Moskva Repeater's old name. It's obvious what the word means ("Storm", its one of those words that latin incorporated). I think changing it to Moskva is for the best. :3

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Taikon Ventures
I don't know if the devs intended it, but the pinyin for "space" in Chinese is "Tai Kong" (太空).

Korolov Shipping
Sergei Korolov was instrumental in the successful Russian attempt to beat the Americans into space. He was behind Sputnik and Yuri Gagarin's journey. He didn't live long enough to see the Americans overtake his efforts shortly afterward.

Sung Empire
This faction is... obviously Hong Kong in nature, seeing that they use Chinese names for weapons but English names for their ships. >_>'

I guess the name is meant to ape the Song Dynasty (宋朝). The Song Dynasty was not known for Slavers and in fact was supposed to be one of the eras where they actually had a reform for transitioning military captives from bondage to freedom.

Aside from the arts and sciences, the leadership of the Song Dynasty - at war with the Huns and the Mongols - were known to have experimented with new weaponzz. Y'know, like crossbow designs, flamethrowers, paddleboats and cannon.

The thing is, the leadership are chicken shazbot and feared that the influence of good generals would undermine their authority, and crossbowed themselves in the foot by systematically removing them from office.

It's no surprise that, in spite of better tech, the Song Dynasty that once conquered the Huns were eventually overrun by the Mongols, who established the Yuan Dynasty (元朝) under Kublai Khan aka Yuan Shizu (元世祖). Now THIS Dynasty has a hilarious history of Slavery. What happened was that the Mongols reversed all those humanitarian changes the Song Dynasty bought about - BUT it half backfired as the, um, "slaves" were more integrated than the conquerors were. Eventually, some of the slaves had so much power that they had slaves of their own...

The Sung in Transcendence are way smarter than their namesake, and don't ever get rid of their brain in a jar computers...

Qianlong Archcannon
The name is a play on words that works because nobody knows how this is written; there are multiple characters with the pronunciation "Qian" and multiple characters with the pronunciation "Long".

"Qianlong" (乾隆, "Eminence Everlasting") is the nickname of emperor Hongli (弘曆) of the Manchurian Qing Dynasty (清朝). This guy was a brilliant military general, but he was also known for... um... lets just say he seems to have set a precedent for modern China annexing Tibet, because that's what he basically did <_<'. Thank goodness he screwed up trying to conquer Burma and Vietnam. But that has no Dragon in it.

But the name of this weapon can alternatively be read 千龍, "Thousand Dragon", which sounds more fitting given that we find it on a ship named "Dragon".

Longzhu Sphere
I realize I'm not the only one calling these things Dragonballs. It's pretty obvious, they're loaded on a ship called "Dragon" being used on a cannon with a possible "Dragon" character on it.

Doesn't help that the Chinese name for Dragonball is Qi Long Zhu (七龍珠 , "The Seven Dragon Treasures") :3

Nandao Bolt Cannon
"Southern Sword" 南刀, Broadsword used by medieval foot soldiers in Southern China - although I dunno, this name was coined by Wushu practicioners, who traditionally tie pieces of flowing cloth to it so their displays look more fluid. Its basically a broader, less curved variation of the standard Dao 刀. Both have an edge side and a flat side. In reality, a 刀 is a 刀 is a 刀, many armies might have their own variation, but its still a foot soldier weapon.

Not to be confuzzled with Jian (剑), which has sharpened edges on both sides of the blade and is far thinner, but which is also called "Sword" in English because English doesn't have those kind of nuances.

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Ultimate Chicken wrote:Not to be confuzzled with Jian (剑), which has sharpened edges on both sides of the blade and is far thinner, but which is also called "Sword" in English because English doesn't have those kind of nuances.
English has *all* the nuances. If we ever find we don't have a nuance we go out and engage in linguistic brigandage until we do. The only reason we haven't appropriated Jian and Dao is that we already have words for them. They're sabers and arming swords. The differences between them and European sabers and arming swords are less than the differences between European sabers or arming swords made a century apart.
Literally is the new Figuratively

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