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Mon Mar 26, 2007 8:25 pm

Right now the game is primarily composed of the kill loot cycle. Why is that and what if anything needs to be done about it.

things the kill loot cycle is good at in the game right now

getting armor (really easy because of the ease that you can repair damaged armor)
getting ammo
getting fuel (just have to know who to kill)
getting rins (farming for ore even without exploiting it)
getting credits (everyone buys old stuff)

things that other things are better than the kill loot cycle (of course you need the credits or rins from the kill loot cycle to do most of these things)

getting ids
getting shields (black market shipyards tend to have great shields)
getting odd devices (jumpdrive icx and cpu tend to be easier to find at stations)
equipping things (really the only deterrent of killing everything in sight)

part of a solution to this problem may be a used tag for things looted or used on your ship. They wouldn't be worth as much as new things so you wouldn't have as many credits without killing all trade by lowering the value of all sold items. This wouldn't solve everything but it is a start.

Alot of money also comes from selling ammo. To tell the truth I am not sure how to solve that. any suggestions?

The reason why I want to lessen the effect of the kill loot cycle is so the game can introduce other elements to game play without breaking the balance.
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