Arena Wall : No way out.

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Mon Aug 07, 2017 4:46 am

I was just now ( a few minutes ago ) fighting the Slicer, he was throwing more shots at me then that gun ever threw on MY ship ....

So, there I am flying zig zag and trying to circle his boxy tail firing my OmniTurboLasr & tracking Missiles when we meet together for the final shot : he explodes and I am stuck in the wall.

Seriously stuck in the wall.

I have been stuck in the old Null wall , no big deal....but this New wall,
there was nothing I could do.

I Self Destructed to get out of the situations after it was obvious the old tricks did not work.

After the Corporate Cruiser left me outside of the Arena I flew over to get another Insurance Policy, I decided to post and see if anyone else has experienced this.

I am Sure the Arena Wall should NOT be tinkered with.....but if anyone has tricks, I think the rest of us could use the information.
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Mon Aug 07, 2017 1:29 pm


(Sorry, couldn't resist).

The problem is that if the wall has checks to allow you to get out of a jam, it might be possible to glitch through the wall via that mechanic. One solution might be to apply an acceleration/force in a specific direction (inwards) and allow motion through the barrier if the game can detect that you're stuck in the wall...but it's definitely quite a technical problem.

It puts me in mind of the exploding security guards in Black Mesa: The game has a gibbing system that uses the physics engine. But the physics engine responds to things clipping into other objects by applying a force..which increases the more overlapped two objects are......which meant that in some cases in pre-patch versions of the game, a guard would walk into a chair or rubbish bin, clip through it, and have a force applied to "separate"the two that was strong enough to explode the guard in a shower of gore. Quite impressive. I was slightly sad when it got patched. Fortunately we don't have physics-damage, but there's definitely some pitfalls with having physical barriers in space. Especially if they're only used in one location, and thus don't have issues detected as often. Any solution to this has to be handled carefully or it could cause just as many problems as it solves.
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