The Transcendence Color Palette VS Other Games

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Sun Sep 24, 2017 2:05 pm

I Think I understand what RPC means with this thread. How can transcendence compete with highly cartoonish, supernova bright effects that are present in some top down games ? These effects are those that tend to attract a lot casual players because they are bold and makes you go "whoaaaa, I buy that". And publishing a game on Steam, a platform with thousands of games, where buyers have at most 3 seconds to look at 1 screenshot to decide if the game is worthwhile a click to open the store page, it is quite understandable that developers are going nuts to make bright effects that are borderline epileptic.

Personally, I love the clean and polished graphics of Transcendence. The unique style is highly immersive. The graphics got an incredible overhaul in recent versions that refreshed the game for me. We can, of course, addres that now energy weapons are more homogeneous, maybe a little too much. I'm very well open to discussion on how to make them more unique and visually interesting.

As a reply to George, I would love to see the bright effect of Orb applied to all the beam weapons, is that possible ? Can we have the laser beams make that nice halo like the Orb effect ?

On the other hand, yes, we do need more cinematic style screenshots. Let's make those insanity battles with hundreds of ships and post them on social media. TSB, part II, point juno battles must be on Steam to show that the game is fun to those short attention span players. At the same time, some nice wireframe ships in Blender and some code screenshots should go there too, to show what the other great potential this game has: modding.

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Mon Sep 25, 2017 8:55 am

Let's make those insanity battles with hundreds of ships and post them on social media.
The issue there is that large battles don't really work in Transcendence. The AI handles them poorly, and the mechanics with friendly fire make it difficult for more than a few ships to fire at a time. It's designed for Star Wars(the 3 real movies :p) style fights, where a handful of gunships take on another handful of gunships, possibly with some capital ships thrown into the mix. The Point Juno fight is fairly lackluster ATM because the game doesn't really have a plan for making large scale fights work.

Mid - scale fights, like in the mission that gives the player a Brit squadron to kill some enemies, are where the game shines. Good screenshots can be taken there. Some AI improvements making ships behave more interestingly(and competently) in these fights would go a ways towards improving the game as a whole, and towards making such screenshots more interesting.

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Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:25 am

I agree with digdug. One thing we can do is submit some screenshots and ask for george to replace the really bad screenshots (like the 40% blackspace one with the dockscreen).

ALSO: How do players even know the game is still in development? There should be a teaser for VotG tbh.
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Mon Sep 25, 2017 11:58 am

A possible problem with large fights now is when one gunship dies, several more take heavy or fatal damage too, leading to a chain reaction of gunship explosions.
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