Phobos Dreadnought

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Fri Dec 22, 2017 3:01 pm

I don't think that comparing these ships is exactly fair by just watching them in action.

I would suggest you FLY THEM yourself so you can understand them better .

If you have Notepad++ you can update an old Mod that gives you the basics for flying the ships in the game,
Be sure to use the Mass, speed & weapons of the ship you would meet in the game.
Phobos :

All Stock Ships Playable

CSC playership

Alex's CSC

Playable Xenophobe Fleet ( Warning, you will be EVERYONE'S enemy - After using it, remove it from your extension folder so it doesn't cause relationship issues )

Transcendence 1.7 XML _Source
Flying Irresponsibly In Eridani......

I don't like to kill pirates in cold blood ..I do it.. but I don't like it..

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