Hostile shipyard at Gunsan leads to incomplete mission

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Commonwealth Pilot
Commonwealth Pilot
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Sun Jun 16, 2019 5:19 am

Hi there,

I'm flying a Manticore in Corporate Command, game version 1.8.2. While defending the Gunsan complex, I destroyed all of the chimera ships, but some of my missiles hit one of the shipyards and it turned hostile. I can still dock at Gunsan, but it seems that the mission can't be completed unless I destroy the now-hostile shipyard myself. At the Operations dockscreen, I get the "what are you doing here?" message. Anton and Kate circle endlessly around.

Note that the hostile station is not infected by chimera.

This is another illustration of a common stray shot problem. I propose the simple solution that normally friendly stations should have a timer on their hostile stance, and go back to being friendly after a while if no further damage is done.

What do y'all think?
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Militia Lieutenant
Militia Lieutenant
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Sun Jun 16, 2019 9:26 am

Something similar can happen with the Huari missions.
When defending one of their fortresses against the sung fleet, one og my Gotha 400 missiles hit the fortress instead of the Earth slaver next to it. Instantly, the fortress became hostile and started firing on me instead of on the last remaining earth slaver. That was enough for this slaver to destroy the fortress, just before my next shot killed the slaver
Mission complete, but every Huari was now after me. Their remaining destroyers opened fire on me and all I could do was help them out of their misery. Nice loot though....

So, yes in favor of this proposition.

Militia Captain
Militia Captain
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Fri Jun 28, 2019 12:16 pm

I like the idea about the cool-down period. Either that or the mission stations could be coded not to get angry with the player for the duration of the mission. Or deliberately fail the mission if the player pounds them too much. Just so long as the mission ends.
I'll add a ticket to the Ministry.
It might be possible to do this with a mod. The 'angry' code isn't a True/Nil thing, it returns a number. If that got reduced over time, in theory, the station might return to being friendly. There is a "Station Anger Timeout" mod (xelerus?) but It didn't seem to work the last time I messed about with it.

The Gunsan example is a bug however. Some of the code isn't working properly so the mission never succeeds even though all the bad guys get destroyed. You can make uninfected shipyards angry and, if the code is right, the mission can still succeed.
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