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Mon Sep 16, 2013 5:53 pm

A smallish list of bugs encountered in v1.1. Most seem to be simply inconsitensies/oversights that should be easily fixable:
  • You can be a Korolov hero and still not be allowed to use their docking services: destroy the charon frigat Kronosaurus and become a hero, even if you never flew a mission for them.
  • The standard Korolov Shipping (&stKorolovShipping;) has sovereign "&svCorporate;"; Both Korolov Shipping in Charon System (&stKorolovAtCharon;) and Rebuilt Korolov (&stKorolovAtCharonCons;) have sovereign "&svCommonwealth;".
  • Taikon research outpost TVX-1 (&stTVX1Outpost;) does not set gCheckMilitaryID flag, wheres all other Taikon stations do.
  • The Battle Arena has sovereign "&svCorporate;", but lacks the 'corporate' and 'corporateCustoms' attributes.
  • The rebuild Korolov Shipping station in the Charon star system gives you a military ID, but does not identify it for you.
  • The 'tritium propulsion upgrade' has 'powerUsed' instead of 'powerUse'
Non-XML issues:
  • The star system map does not remember the zoom level in between game restarts.
  • The trade-tag attributes 'max' and 'replenish' seem to be ignored when using a lambda to calculate trade prices?
  • (typGetDataField UNID 'power) returns 100 times the expected amount.
  • (objSetItemData ...) seems to work only once per block of code enclosed in XML-tags.
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