Calling gScreen in <GetGlobalDockScreen> causes crash

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Tue Sep 16, 2014 4:03 am

Debuglog shows this:

Code: Select all

09/15/2014 21:02:10	No binding for symbol [gScreen]
09/15/2014 21:02:10	No binding for symbol [gScreen] ### (TypGetDatafield gScreen "name") ###
09/15/2014 21:02:10	Crash in CDockingPorts::UpdateDockingManeuvers
09/15/2014 21:02:10	Crash in CDockingPorts::UpdateAll
09/15/2014 21:02:10	Unable to continue due to program error.

program state: OnAnimate
program state: updating object
obj class: CStation
obj name: New Johannesburg
obj pointer: ee7edb0
m_pBase: none
m_pTarget: none
m_Subordinates[0]: e5d0188 Ronin/A-class gunship (CShip)
m_DockingPorts[0]: e5d0188 Ronin/A-class gunship (CShip)
m_DockingPorts[1]: e5d0650 Borer-class gunship (CShip)
m_DockingPorts[5]: e5cfff0 freighter Xavier (CShip)
m_DockingPorts[6]: e5d0980 Borer-class gunship (CShip)
m_DockingPorts[7]: e5d04b8 light IAV (CShip)
game state: in game

Please contact [email protected] with a copy of Debug.log and your save file. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

09/15/2014 21:02:13	End logging session
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