Oddities with gScreen.

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Fri Oct 31, 2014 4:19 am

 Atarlost and I were poking at this one over on IRC. Using the following:

Code: Select all

				(if (isError gScreen)
					(plyMessage gPlayer "Error!")
					(plyMessage gPlayer gScreen)
				(scrSetDesc gScreen (cat (scrGetDesc gScreen) "\n\n" gScreen))
 It appears that gScreen always defines as the same number (which, at a guess, is somehow related to the date — it was 1303832 on 10/30/14, but changed to 1304352 at midnight), and is subsequently never undefined by anything short of relaunching Transcendence. This behavior holds true regardless of mods loaded, choice of playership, or adventure being played. Obviously the variable works for the screens it is supposed to called from, so I’m not sure that this could really be considered a bug. Even so, it seems like very odd behavior.
 Atarlost suspects a bad pointer.

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