Game fails to change text in some situations

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Sun Nov 02, 2014 7:18 pm

Sometimes, the game lacks an appropriate means of handling a certain series of events. 3 events that cause such a problem, in order of most to least likely to appear on a playthrough, are listed below:

1. When a CSC orders the player to eliminate an Ares freighter and the player instead destroys the station, the CSC does not acknowledge the mission as complete until the freighter gates, and uses the same completion text("that's one less freighter for the Martians!") as it would have had the mission been carried out conventionally, despite the freighter having fled, not died.

2. Should the player find Huaramarca without allying with the Huari, there is no change in the text that occurs when the main temple is destroyed, despite the fact that the player would not even have known the name of the Huari priest.

3. Should the player's family's home station in Eridani be destroyed, the same series of text options occurs when docked as an alive instance of that station.

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