Hyperglyph control rod glitches

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Sun Nov 30, 2014 8:46 pm

Two extremely glitchy glitches in 1!

Version 1: Using a mod to combine EP and D&O together, (or any mod that adds a gravity well using the new system in version 1.5), it is possible to crash the game.

Step 1: Obtain rod
Step 2: Find a gravity well and place rod in container within the gravity zone (alternatively you can leave it in your hold and fly into the star)
Step 3: Watch the game crash as the gravity well sucks in whatever is containing the rod.

Version 2: This is always doable in D&O

Step 1: Obtain rod
Step 2: Obtain weapon with WMD
Step 3: Place rod in container
Step 4: Shoot container until it explodes, leaving the rod behind.
Step 5: Dock with rod
Step 6: ...???
Step 7: Obverse the fact you now appear to be stuck in some weird place where nothing works right. You cannot fly, you cannot use weapons.
(shpOrder gPlayership 'barrelRoll)
(plySetGenome gPlayer (list 'hycrotan 'nonBinary))

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