The Backroads — an alternate route

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Tue Aug 07, 2018 8:26 am

 Update of the (insert random time period here): The Backroads has been updated again. This is a minor update involving a few minor tweaks, but most importantly the removal of a call to the obsolete &dsDryDock; dockscreen (which, annoyingly enough, I wasn’t actually even using). This will make TBR playable again for people who had been trying to run the latest version and run into trouble with an unknown type error.

 I accept full blame for having uploaded a nonfunctional version because, for me, it did work — but only because I also run TSB, which apparently de-obsoletes the relevant dockscreen. Let this be a lesson to test things without anything else running that might give bogus results. The silver lining here is that it’s only the main TBR library needing updated, not the 200MB+ resource library that takes forever to download.

 That said, I am blaming George for not listing types being deprecated in the API spec records on Ministry, and have a ticket of my own requesting that he do so in the future. He’s gotten a lot better about documentation since a bunch of us basically dogpiled on him over it a ways back, but he does still backslide from time to time. ^.~

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