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Wed Mar 15, 2017 12:23 am

0.26.5 feedback
relanat wrote:
Wed Mar 01, 2017 11:40 pm

Possible glitch in the docksceen sequencing. I didn't get the Ace Medallion until I redocked later despite being told I was going to get a reward but I'm pretty hazy on what happened so don't take this as gospel.
Disregard this. I just didn't realise that the reward was credits and that they gets added to the player automatically. Maybe a change in the scrDesc text to resemble the SOTP mining mission payments where they tell you how many credits they added would avoid this. (We've deposited " fee " credits to your account.) From previous game experience I was expecting an item as a reward but that comes later.

I also didn't realise there was a credit reward for the other missions at the colonies.

But you definitely don't get a directional indicator back to the Citadel. Then again you don't get one back to the Korolov stations in SOTP after a successful mission either (That may be a bug).

There is a delay between accepting one of the Citadel missions and the Unknown Hostile directional indicator coming up. A couple of seconds at least. Not sure if this is intentional, I don't understand the code.

The projectile effect from the Therodon Mortar Cannon is great but the hit effect felt a little underpowered for a big thermo weapon.

The Emdra freighters look great and that asteroid/planetoid with the glass geodesic domes is great too.

And, a personal opinion, possibly the Welkin Fortress abandoned station dockscreen is a little too gory.

Re: reactors. I saw a few Vallican reactors but (possibly, I wasn't paying a lot of attention) they weren't always available to buy but could be installed through Dock Services.

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