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Sun Mar 03, 2019 10:16 pm

Uploaded Drake Technologies to Xelerus, updated for Transcendence 1.8. Lots of tweaks and other relatively minor changes. Added few more weapons and removed some of the placeholder items until I actually build ships and missions as planned.
Download and Play in 1.8...
Drake Technologies (Alpha): More hardware for combat in parts 1 and 2!
Other playable mods from 1.7, waiting to be updated...
Godmode v3 (WIP): Dev/cheat tool compatible with D&O parts 1 or 2.
Star Castle Arcade: Relive classic arcade gaming in a new Transcendence adventure!
Playership Drones (WIP): Acquire more wingmen from Ship Broker. Unfinished, but updated to 1.8 beta.

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