5new+1 mods dbg pls test

Post about your finished mods here.
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Thu Jan 01, 2009 2:32 am

Today I added a new zip in the dev section on Xelerus: 5new+1 mods... DigDug kindly called it a modpack, but they're really just 4-5 separate new mods I zipped together for easy download. I *think* they're about ready, but would appreciate your feedback.

The mods are:

AdvancedBoltCannon+Ammo1 & 2 (see txt for details)
enhanced-reactor-x5 (5 all-new reactor variants)
2x-capacitor-&-ICX-x4 (i will split these into 2 sep mods when ready)
heavy&adv Duralloy Armor & Stealth (a new armor modpack)
autons extended v1.8 27ct - now with alien auton :)

Please test them, and thanks in advance!

P.S. belated thx 2 DigDug for fixing my XRayExtended+Names - thank you! :D
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