[New Mod] Item Repair Framework

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Wed Dec 23, 2009 12:34 am

After some discussions here and on IRC, the need for a comprehensive method of repair items is growing. The recent shield nerf has resulted in a higher chance of device damage, which is nearly insta-death if your endgame weapon is the one that breaks 2 systems before Heretic!

This is my attempt at a system to repair items. I've tried to mimic the new Vanilla method of armor repair, using consumable items and a rudimentary skill level.
Currently I have 9 different items split into:
Weapon repair: basic/intermediate/advanced
Shield repair: basic/intermediate/advanced
Device repair: basic/intermediate/advanced

Download from Xelerus, here.
Coming soon: The Syrtian War adventure mod!
A Turret defense genre mod exploring the worst era in Earth's history.
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Stay tuned for updates!

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