New Stations: DBG Heavy Industries & Spacer Hotels

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Fri Sep 21, 2012 8:48 am

Hello again everyone, my goodness there have been a lot of changes to this fine game in the past few months (I'm still trying to finish an .08b game!). Anyway, work proceeds (slowly) on the main Galactic University (which I will try to finish in time for New Year's 2013), but in the meantime I have once again updated the Galactic Outposts AND added 2 new stations: the DBG Spacer Hotels, and DBG Heavy Industries! Each mod is now available on Xelerus, but I will try to give some behind-the-scenes info here. Let's see:

The Galactic Outposts -- After much trial and error, the random-adjective descriptions for the Atrium Levels are finally working. Now, each time you visit the Atrium Level of a Galactic Outpost (as a civilian -- more on this later), you will be treated to a unique and random message about the beauty and landscape of that station's Atrium. It may be only a relatively small chunk of code, but I am particularly proud of getting it to work, and do hope that others will use it as a template in the future for their own stations.

Also new to the Galactic Outposts this time around are Random Classroom descriptors. Each station you visit has a different Classroom [paragraph], pertaining to some of the daily activities of the (mostly) academic facility. Of course, all this changes if you join the Military (or the Fleet), because even the great and neutral Galactic University cannot ignore the Ares threat...

The Spacer Hotels -- Not as fancy as the big corporate hotels, the Spacer Hotels still provide an invaluable service to the Commonwealth, offering economic (aka cheap) housing to many members of the Military as well as civilians. Version 1.0 (tested for 108b) possesses all the key levels: a quiet Skylounge for visitors to relax in, a buffet-style Auto-mat (spartan but with a nice selection of eats for the troops), and a raucous Hotel Nightclub with DJs and upper-level Neuros suites to forget your troubles for awhile. Also mentioned of (but not coded for yet) is the Concierge Desk, Security Office, and Sickbay.

Most of the stations are named for rivers or mountains, with a few exceptions (how much I enjoy building new name lists! :D) All in all, a good beginning (I think), and lots of room for future expansion. (I know I've got ideas, just wish to heck I knew how to code them! (shakes his head))

DBG Heavy Industries -- Inspired by some random RGB color swaps in IrfanView, this mod builds on the vanilla Commonwealth Manufacturing Plant and adds military-grade Tinker-style custom work. For example, if you have accumulated too many Stiletto missiles, instead of just selling them off, now you can get them converted into heavier-punch Broadswords, and so forth. Many upgrades are available, including armor, weapons, shields (both damaged AND intact) and many specialty devices, including reactors. Ores and other things, too -- it's a big list. And consecutive upgrades: turn light armor into standard, then into heavy, and then advanced. Tired of not being able to use all the damaged particle beam weapons you find? Collect enough of them, and you might walk away with a new Omni Tev9! (What you *do* with it after you get it, well, that's entirely up to you! ;))
Hopefully, another good station that will come to be appreciated later in the game...

And as for the Great Galactic University (and its Halcyon System), all I'll say for now is... you'll see! (big grin!)

The Galactic Outposts:
The Spacer Hotels:
DBG Heavy Industries:
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Fri Sep 21, 2012 7:52 pm

Great with Heavy Industries :D
Instantly dl'd.
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Fri Oct 12, 2012 1:12 pm

RPC wrote:Great with Heavy Industries :D
Instantly dl'd.

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Sat Oct 13, 2012 1:28 pm

This is very good.
I Downloaded it as soon as I saw it.
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Sat Jan 26, 2013 10:28 am

Heavy Industries is awesome.
But it seems to break the Duralloy armours. They don't have the "regenerate" ability anymore despite having the attribute set, which doesn't make sense as the only thing different from vanilla is the sort name entry.

DBG got a bit carried away when tippy-typing out all that guff in the xml, and had the Duralloy flag as "regenrate = x" where it should be "regen = x"
Funny how the simple stuff can be so hard to spot.

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