VCant's mods * ALL UPDATED *

Post about your finished mods here.
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Tue Oct 21, 2014 8:45 pm

I updated all ID entities, now aligned to the standard format (0x D MMM T III).
If you have any other VCant's mod, pls update all them....

Dual Omni Weapons -911
Four dual weapons omindirectional.

F104 VCant fighter -912
Fast interceptor like historical "Starfighter"

VCant Heliotrope -1365
A captured and adapted Heliotrope Gunship.

Koba Maru -1452
Freighter, Antares-II-class.

EL-class corvette - 1454
Low cost ship for escort and patrol duties in first systems (and something more later :-)

OSA IAV -1459
A fast missileship.

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