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Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:14 am

Version 1.37
- Rewrite Changelog and Readme.
- Reworking at Serbaguna mines, now it's static mines but can tracking first to position itself to enemy.
- Rebalance resistance for Semesta shields.
- Rebalance the hitpoints for Zirah plate and increasing chance to feedback.
- Increasing manueverability at CM3 blasters.
- Rebalance side-mounted weapon.
- Removing efficient device as they don't reduce power consumption in craft recipes.
- Lowering damage for Bunker Buster missile.
- Revising CM blaster, now has Dual, Alternating, Triple, Omnidirectional, Dual Multitarget, and Repeating variants for all but CM9 blaster.
- Adding super-heavy version for standard Zirah.
- Increasing weight into 3.5 Tons for all standard Zirah and HR Zirah.
- Rebalance standard Zirah and HR Zirah resistances and removed ignore damage traits from feedback ability.
- Replacing armor of SCM and CCM auton into heavy version, thus increasing difficulties of Daerah Uji.
- Reducing spread for "Badai Chaincannon".
- Reworking at Daerah Uji reinforcements.
- Removing shield buster effect for Tameng LR5.
- Reducing damage at "MOLM Launcher" and "MOHM Launcher".
- Reworking at Tameng ID0, now reduced chance to ignore damage, it also has 10 Hitpoints and can be increased by installing Zirah armors.
- Increasing level for "Serbaguna Pack Tracking Grenade" and "Serbaguna Pack Tracking Missile".
- Reducing missiles speed to 90 lightspeed for all HPV type weapon.
- Placing side-mounted weapons to Weapon.XML.
- Decreasing momentum at Akurat weapons.
- Reworking at Semesta Main Base Dockscreen, now Cafe uses rumor systems, funfact removed.
- Removing supply box, replaced with ammo box.
- Reworking to Daerah Uji, now it's unlocked.
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