[Challenge] The XML Scrambler Series (Now at Version 2.0)

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The XML Scrambler Series is a collection of mini-mods that use XML-modifying functions to quickly apply various to the entire game. However, the mods will inevitably break each other so you can only have one running at a time!

Version 2.0 Description
This mod now contains all of its modules in a single file. Individual modules can be disabled by removing the > at the end of the module's (START) label.

1. Limited Ammunition
2. Weapon Temperature
3. Piracy Punishment
4. Anger Mismanagement
5. Fuel Inefficiency I
6. Fuel Inefficiency II
7. "Realistic" Range
8. Ship Rekt
9. Space "Race"
10. The Common Weak
11. Global Defense
12. CPUs Against Humanity
Version 1.0 Description

#1: Limited Ammunition
In this challenge mod, all weapons start with 500 shots, which means they no longer have infinite ammo.
#2: Weapon Temperature
All weapons now overheat based on how fast they fire.
#1-2: Ammo + Temp
Now you REALLY have to watch your targets! It's the last two challenges at the same time!
#3: Piracy & Punishment
Extreme justice! Whenever a ship destroys another ship (aka piracy, murder, etc), all nearby ships will avenge the victim and shoot at the killer.
#4: Anger Mismanagement
With this mod, NPCs get really, really angry with as little provocation as an accidental shot. Any ship that is shot at will want to kill whoever attacked it.

This mod makes it so that if a ship is attacked by an enemy, it will now pursue the enemy in rage until it is interrupted by some other enemy.
Edit: I toned this down so that friendly NPCs no longer cause the spontaneous collapse of civilization with friendly fire.
#3-4: Piracy + Anger
Now with twice the amount of senseless violence!
#1-4: Cruel World Challenge Pack
The Cruel World Challenge Pack is now available! Using xmlGetTag technology, I can safely apply all four mods at the same time!
I have found a way to check the category of a certain UNID (i.e. Item, Ship, Station, etc).
a. Get the XML of the UNID
b. Use xmlGetTag on the XML
c. xmlGetTag will tell you what category of UNID you are using. If you are looking at an item, it will return 'ItemType. If ypu are looking at a ship or station, it will give you 'ShipClass and 'StationType respectively
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0xABCDEF wrote: ...Edit: I toned this down so that friendly NPCs no longer cause the spontaneous collapse of civilization with friendly fire...
Maybe you could save that for a "chaos mode" or "Galactic War Mode" or something. Nice way of altering the gameplay also.

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