Disable Loot When Empty

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Militia Captain
Militia Captain
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Sun Feb 05, 2017 12:15 am

This mod disables the Loot action, sets its action description to "There are no items here.", and makes the Undock action default when docked with an object with no items to loot (with some exceptions where appropriate). It's compatible with Part I and Part II and should be compatible with other mods unless they make significant changes to the dockscreens of the following types:

Code: Select all

	<!ENTITY dsRPGAbandonedStation		"0x00010032">
	<!ENTITY dsAbandonedStation			"0x0000A003">
	<!ENTITY dsAbandonedShip			"0x0000A017">
	<!ENTITY dsAbandonedCrate			"0x0000A018">
	<!ENTITY dsReenuAbandonedStation		"0x003104B6">
	<!ENTITY dsCorpExpTauCetiAnomaly		"0x00800110">
	<!ENTITY stArcoVaughnHabitat			"0x0802004C">
	<!ENTITY stXenophobeWorldship		"0x08010081">
	<!ENTITY stHelenaVolkov				"0x00152013">
	<!ENTITY stCSCEuropaWreck			"0x001A200C">
	<!ENTITY scMuleAuton				"0x0000300B">
	<!ENTITY stDallMissionWreck			"0x00102022">
	<!ENTITY stSealedCargoContainer		"0x000F0004">
	<!ENTITY stFlotsam					"0x0000200E">
	<!ENTITY stDallSphere				"0x00102023">

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