Scorpion GodPlayership

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Scorpion GodPlayership

Post by relanat » Sat Feb 11, 2017 5:30 am

First release on xelerus.

Version 1: 1.7b5
A highly upgraded Scorpion playership to help with mod testing.
Features include:
Galaxy and system mapping.
Restore ship which fixes everything instantly.
Travel to any friendly station in the current system.
Travel to any system from your current position.
Create, install and identify items.
Dock services which will install/remove, damage/repair and disable/enable devices and armor.
Create ships and stations.

Development topic here:

Thanks to George, of course, for a great game.
Also NMS, digdug, JBW, AP, xephyr, marsrocks, PM, gunship256. DigaRW, Wolfy, Shrike, Arkheias, RPC, (plus the ones I've forgotten), etc. Everyone really coz your help or info has got the mod this far.

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