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Tue Jul 18, 2017 12:51 am

Playership Bones implements the Bones feature from NetHack with several customization options. Whenever your ship is destroyed, this mod stores all information about the ship, including installed items and cargo, as a Bones entry in Storage.xml. When you reload the game or start a new one, the mod loads all the bones entries in the file and places them into the game. If your ship left a wreck, then it will reappear in later games as a wreck. Otherwise, if your ship did not leave a wreck, it will reappear as an aggressive "ghost" ship. Playership Bones was featured in George's modded playthrough streams, and this release features the Bones data that George created during the playthrough. To load the data, paste the Row elements into your Storage.xml file.


George's Bones data.

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