EI Freighter Autons

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EI Freighter Autons

Post by relanat » Thu Aug 10, 2017 6:08 am

EDIT: Mod is a bit broken. It works fine until you quit and reload a game. Then the game can't find the global variables (the game wipes them on exiting/loading a game) I was using to identify the freighters so you can't get buy/sell or docks services when docked at stations. I'll leave it up but it doesn't work with saved games.

Beta version of EI100, 100/M, 200 and 7000 freighter autons.
Purchase at Korolov Shipping.
Dock the freighters and the playership for dock services and commodities trading but only at larger stations/shipyards. See the README for details.
Targeting ROM added to the playership hold for this version.

Lots of known bugs but nothing serious.

Many thanks to NMS for code help and AP for AE-InteriorDesign (yet to be included).
Also 0xABCDEF, gunship256, PM, digdug, giantcabbage, Arkheias, sjf, Shrike, xephyr, JBW, marsrocks, DigaRW, alterecco, TVR and apologies to the people I've forgotten.
And George for a great game.


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