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Militia Captain
Militia Captain
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Sat Oct 19, 2019 7:54 am

A quick mod based on a feature request from Erial.

It adds a "Software" action to the "Ship Configuration" screen. This navigates to another screen which shows the current targeting computer, visual display enhancer, trading computer and mining computer status in the screen description.

Designed for &dsRPGDockServices; in 1.8.
Not very polished. It isn't integrated into the "PgUp/PgDn" minor actions, And it uses the code returns 'ready' and 'notInstalled' as indicators because it is copied straight out of the Taipan GodShip mod.
Looks messy in 1.9a1 because &dsRPGDockServices; has been slightly changed in that version.
Will sometimes lock up the Taipan GodShip screens if that mod is loaded so be warned (but this also could be a Taipan bug, not sure).

Of note: installing a trading hold does not permanently install the trading ROM feature. Permanent installation requires the use of a trading computer ROM. A useful feature for the mod would be to explain or show this but it looks like this would require an overwrite or modification of the ROM item.

A different version which was to show this information as the screen description of &dsRPGDockServices; (replacing the existing screen desc on selecting the "Software" action) was tried but I couldn't work out how to get the size of the screen desc 'box' to increase nor could the "Software" action be disabled when this happened. May not be possible in <OnGlobalPaneInit> or my code was bad.
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