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Hatsuya Kanzaki
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Mon May 25, 2009 4:04 pm

Star Light Crisis
an adventure expansion mod by HatsuyaKanzaki/Eriol Von Clowphengire (on RPG Maker forums)

You may have reached the Heretic Gate, and you thought that you'd reach the core. Actually, you still have a long, long way to go, for you have stepped to an extension of the Human Space.

You were surrounded by thousands of strange ships, some of them had parts and even the looks of the ships and factions you've encountered previously. While they've surrounded you, an armada of organic ships began appearing out of nowhere. The ships you've just met began dishing out damage on the first wave of living ships with their strange weapons.

For the final blows, a green ship charged up its strange cannon and unleashed a massive stream of pink laser, nicknamed the "Star Light Breaker".

All of you have one thing in common, make it through the Galactic Core.

Balmung Knighthood:
A lawful peacekeeping force established by the Kanzaki Corporation in response to rampant intergalactic crime activity. Using both conventional and magi-tech weapons, this faction became the Commonwealth's next berserk button in certain situations. This faction was led by one of the fifteen prominent teenage space generals named Hatsuya Kanzaki Jr.

The Knighthood based their ship designs on Zubrin Systems, the Ares Orthodoxy, and even on a handful of Uraks. Sometimes, this faction was famed for having a gold-and-blue armored Sapphire Yacht, armed only with a Level-2 Spell Cannon and 300 Soul Strike Lv2 cartridges.

What's common to the Knighthood is that, they can be armed up to 3-5 weapons and be loaded with powerful armor, but their speed will be sacrificed.

The Orion Arcana:
An organization that attempted to integrate magic with technology by channeling magic spells into magic cartridges that can only be cast using the Spell Cannons. This faction was led by the young wizard named Hatoru Munakata Jr.

The Arcana began channeling every magical spell into usable magic cartridges so that even those who were not inclined to magic can value the importance of arcane energy, in the midst of evolving technological age.

The ships used by the Orion Arcana were actually stolen from the Centaurian Pirates in order to conceal their difference from the rest. Sometimes, the Arcana often end up as escorts of the Sisterhood and/or of the Knighthood.

Ruby Sisterhood:
This is not a religious faction, but instead, a sister organization of the Knighthood inclined in fighting with sneaky methods. The Sisterhood was led by Hatsumi Kanazawa.

Their ships were mostly from the Zoanothropes and edited it for their needs, and their weapons were mostly omni-directional and had good tracking rates. Their notable drawback, their armors were weak and can only wield 2 to 3 weapons.

The Sisterhood always need a flotilla of the Knighthood ships, and any other cooperative factions, to support them in their missions.

The Star Light Hive:
A corporation that aimed to build spaceships with insect motifs to glorify their difference among the rest of the Human Space. They're also known for their weapon's stranger effects. This corporation was led by Yuumo Kurai, and partnered with the Orion Arcana for magic weapon research.

One of their stranger weapons were cryo-cannons, flamethrowers, EMP missiles, and even provided more Spell Cartridge variations for the Arcana. Most ships of the Hive were mostly from broken ships scattered in the galaxy and they do their dirty recycling work on them.

The Order of the Godsent:
An organization formed by the Arcana's retired fighters and scientists, as a new religion and another avenue in exploring magic. This religious sect was known to craft Summon Cubes to anyone affiliated on their religion.

This faction wasn't meant to oppose the Sisters of Domina though.

A feral and horrendous race of sentient, fleshy starships that they even turned planets into their hives.

Mahou Uchuu Oni (Magical Space Demons):
There have been reports of mysterious otherworldly appearances all over St. Katherine's Star system, and they fall under this faction. The Magical Space Demons came from another dimension, seeking for the Galactic Core and trying to assimilate Orocus, and Domina to become the new inter-stellar gods from Hell.

The Space Demons usually looked like dragons in space, or look like arachnid monsters. However, they are capable of hijacking ships and turn it into their horrifying versions. There have been rumors about them defeating the Iocryms and turning them into monsters though.

>> An extension of the Human Space awaits!
>> For the first time, otherworldly creatures begin to pop out
>> More playable ships, but they'll take you on a different start!
>> Who could have thought of using magical spells as new weapons?
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Mon May 25, 2009 6:38 pm

Isn't a bad idea. It is a long-time idea
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Mon May 25, 2009 11:17 pm

Hatsuya Kanzaki, this is a large scale project and sounds very good ! :D

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Hatsuya Kanzaki
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Militia Lieutenant
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Tue May 26, 2009 6:33 am

So far, I've worked on the 3 starter ships, then made a playable versions of Lv1 Hero Ships. After working on them, I've just worked on their Hornet wingmen versions and with their Summon Cubes included.

One of the Lv1 Hero Ships will be piloted by a Korean magi-tech war veteran, and he's armed with an auto-kinetic shotgun, a Lv1 Star Light Breaker [it had its independent version though] and a fiery gatling gun [kinetic + thermo]

Oh yes, since I've been mentioning the Star Light Breaker (Nanoha anyone?) for several times, the one equipped on the Lv1 Hero Wingman was supposed to be a weak and trimmed down version of the LvX Star Light Breaker [you need the Lv10 Spell Cannon (launcher) first].

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Hatsuya Kanzaki
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Militia Lieutenant
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Tue Jun 09, 2009 12:09 pm


I've been working on more ships to use still, most of them will use recolored George's, dvlenk6's, and even Photo-shipped (VanDREADED) different ship sprites. I'll do custom ships as I begin making higher-level ships, along with enemy ships, including space monsters.


"This is Emperor Hirohito Kanzaki speaking, the Domina Sisters' Galactic Core jib-jab was a hoax! The Heretic stargate will only lead you to another Human Space, and this is the one I'm talking about! Still, we're currently researching where the Galactic Core will be located, and while we're doing it, some of our research ships were attacked by an Ares fleet from your world! You won't believe this because the Ares they've encountered were already mutants!"

Babel Battle Station
The Kanzaki Corporation managed to slaughter a few Gaian Processors, researched their technology and even replicated it. The purpose of this tower-esque battle station is to protect every vital installation of the Corporation, and its allies.

There have been reports of a Druaga variant of the Kanzaki Gaian Processor, and it was confirmed that they'll do one.

Druaga versions of the Babel battle stations were heavily-armed with Magi-cannons, gatling particle guns and homing missiles. Plus, they're well-fortified with regenerating World-steel platings.

The Babel versions on the other hand, they are also teased as "Bee-hives" because most of their offenses were mostly done by different recolored Hornets, as if they're a bunch of Super Sentai fanatics or Power Ranger fags!

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