How wants to be a (TRUE) pirate?

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How wants to be a "Full-time" pirate?

Yeah, sure, why not!?
No, I'm a men of law
may be
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Tue Feb 26, 2013 8:45 pm

How wants to be a pirate?

I'm "thinking"\planning\coding a mod so YOU, the player, can become a "TRUE" pirate.

You will receive, a "Reusable identification system"(device, or ROM) that 'll allow you to sneak into Corporate\Commonwealth stations without get kill for piracy...After 2 or 3 missions, that 'll start on a bar, at one Black market station you'll get this ID...

*New weapons for pirates, on higher-level systems.
*Stolen ships for pirates, but they'll have a different color and name\class.
*Hidden systems for pirates.
*buy & sell stuff from pirates for a lower price(after all, they're stolen)...

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