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Sun Oct 18, 2015 10:05 pm

I'm working on a new extension and, while it's not nearly done it's ready for peer review.

It's called Unconventional Warfare. The basic idea is to add a bunch of "jury-rigged" weapons that are very rare and slightly more powerful than regular weapons of similar level but have major drawbacks - they're unstable and slowly mess up your ship the more you use them. These are only found on enemy ships and stations - they're not the kind of thing you'd expect to find in a store! There are also "unique" weapons that are much more rare, like the unique weapons in Fallout. These are unarguably more powerful than standard weapons, but they're even more uncommon (they only spawn once per game) and should be very difficult to actually get a hold of.

Currently features:
  • Recoilless maxim gun - a recoilless cannon with very high fire rate
  • Flak cannon - a gun that shoots a lot of very slow moving particles, more of a defensive measure than a weapon
  • Double barrel NAMI launcher - A NAMI-compatible launcher that fires two missiles at once
  • Barrel launcher - Yes, another one.
Currently known issues:
  • Uniques aren't actually unique
  • Spawn rate is WAY too high; this is intentional in the testing version so you'll actually encounter enemies with the weapons
  • Double-barrel NAMI launcher doesn't work with missiles that have radius
  • Double-barrel launcher causes an error message when there's only one missile available
  • Shots from the double-barrel launcher start in exactly the same place
  • Weapons spawn on friendly ships
  • Weird things happen when I try to install the slot splitter
The prerelease version is attached to this post. I'd appreciate any suggestions anyone has. I'd also love if someone could do a better graphic for barrels launched from the barrel launcher...
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Militia Captain
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Mon Oct 19, 2015 5:02 am

schilcote wrote:I'd also love if someone could do a better graphic for barrels launched from the barrel launcher...
Here you are, a 120 facing barrel graphic with mask.
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