Sovereign reputation and crime

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Mon Jul 11, 2016 10:13 pm

Have you ever wondered why you can destroy every Commonwealth station you encounter and no one does anything about it until you dock at a station? I have started working on a generic sovereign reputation / crime system where any faction will become hostile if you persist in attacking them (but other sovereigns may become friendly if they see you attacking their enemies).

The basic idea is that destroying ships / stations causes a reputation loss with the sovereign the ship belonged to, any allied witnesses, and a reputation gain with any enemies of the victim. As the players reputation with the various sovereigns changes the disposition can change from friend to neutral to enemy. So if the player destroys several Startons the Commonwealth will become hostile and attack on sight.

For major crimes (destruction of a majorStation or majorShip) the reputation penalty is applied immediately. For lesser crimes (smaller ships, capital ships, freighters and small stations) the reputation penalty is only applied if a friendly (to the victim) witness survives.

I haven’t implemented a working justice system to replace the commonwealth trials yet, but the witness tracking system is mostly complete. The mod does track various details about the attack which could be used to distinguish deliberate attacks from accidents e.g. the number of other hostiles attacking the victim, number attacking the player and total number of hostiles in the area, these are shown when the player docks (along with the option to ignore the crimes). Eventually there should be a few generic justice systems e.g. Commonwealth trials, blackmarket fines.

One side effect of the mod is that it is also possible to become friends with the default enemies, though none of them aside from the Huari have dockscreens / other content yet...

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