[Abandoned] Edge Technocracy: A Collection of Ideas

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This is an abandoned mod I made some time ago. It is an assortment of items used by a non-existent sovereign called the Edge Technocracy, an empire that strives for advanced technology.
**Some Items:
  • Grey Goo Cannon: Fire at your unshielded enemies and watch them explode into a white paste that can damage and "infect" nearby ships!
  • Starlight Cannon: A side-mounted "laser" magnifying glass that consumes no power from the reactor. It increases in power depending on your distance from the nearest star and cannot fire if you are too far.
  • Edge Disposable Blaster: An anti-Commonwealth weapon, this self-installing side-mounted ion weapon draws no power but requires cartridges. Holds up to 200 shots and also damages Commonwealth armor 3x more than normal. REQUIRES SURGE BATTERY
  • Edge Repeater: Fires 10 ion streams in rapid succession; each travels at a random speed. REQUIRES SURGE BATTERY
  • Thunderbolt Cannon: Weakens a ship's armor to ion damage. REQUIRES SURGE BATTERY
  • Fork Blaster (May not work properly): Fires two ion streams in a way similar to that of a laser cannon array. Also deals damage over time. REQUIRES SURGE BATTERY
  • Surging Archcannon: A highly unstable weapon, the Surging Archcannon can deal as low as one hp and as high as 600 hp in one shot. It will also DESTROY any shield that it damages, permanently removing it from the target ship. REQUIRES SURGE BATTERY
  • Jump Shield (May not work properly): Upon collapsing, this shield will jump you away from your current location and leave an explosion, damaging itself in the process.
  • Onion Shield: Allows you to add multiple "layers" by invoking at full power
  • Segment Shield: Regenerates fast to always match the total hp of your armor segments. Absorbs only 90% of damage
  • W6 Weaver Missile: A smart missile that slows down to dodge friendly stations and speeds up near enemies. Requires Hunter Launcher
  • I7 Interceptor Mine: A heavy static mine that shoots down missiles and other enemies. Requires Hunter Launcher
  • Light Detonator Plate: When damaged, this armor releases a cloud of fragments to damage nearby enemies
  • Retaliation Trigger: If a ship with this item installed gets destroyed, it will release up to 90 Retaliation missiles directly from the cargo hold.
  • Surge Battery: An unstable reactor, used to power all the Edge weapons properly. Attempting to use Edge weapons without this will result in damage to your ship. Also, it can only use Surge Cells as fuel.
  • Surge Cell: A rare item only found on Edge Technocracy ships. Attempting to refuel a normal reactor with this item will result in damage to the reactor and your ship (Currently does not damage reactor/ship)
*These items are not supposed to work completely. The mod is just an old collection of random ideas I had at one time. I do not really have anywhere else to put them.
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