The Network ReRepaired

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The Network ReRepaired

Post by relanat » Fri Mar 10, 2017 1:06 am

The Network Repaired hacked up to work in 1.6.4.

It doesn't have all the features of the original Network, only the ones from Network Repaired. Even so it's still a magic adventure.

There is a crash in the Galactic map if you use 1.7 stable release, ticketed, so 1.6.4 is recommended.

Hopefully game changes have ended the "circling orange rings of death". Previously if you had played for a while (30 systems or so) the game wouldn't reload, just sit in the loading screen endlessly. It was generally assumed that the size of the file stopped it loading but no one knows. Really annoying.

Bug reports welcome; I'll put them with the dozen or so I've already got. :lol:.

If there is any interest I'll keep working on it and adding more of the original features. Possibly it can be rewritten as an extension using sysAddStargateTopology but that is a long way away.

Main edits:
Prison gates now work.
You can't get stuck in the Korolov/Charon branch forever.
The Galactic Map is a slightly less hideous mess.

Nearly forgot: the loading time is nearly a minute. The prolog will probably fade and the game still be loading. This is normal. It takes a while to generate the oodles of systems in this adventure.
The Network
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