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Militia Captain
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Fri Jan 19, 2018 2:44 am

A GodPlayership for use in VOTG 1.0a4. Still a work in progress so there will be bugs.

Uses most of the code from the Scorpion GodPlayership.

Includes mapping, travel, ranks, dock services, restore and create and find stations and ships.

Items can be searched for by name or there are preset criteria but they still need work.

Some of the lists are a mess, they need sorting for level or reducing.

You can self-install any of the items regardless of tech type but you can't grow symbiotes.

All three attributes, archaeotech, biotech and mechanist, have been added to the ship but the armor and device criteria are set to mechanist only. I still don't understand what these affect yet so don't be surprised if station dock service screens do funny things. Possibly three godships will be needed.

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