Playership Drones for 1.8

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Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:17 am

Playership Drones was originally made to give the player additional and upgradable wingmen on demand. Additional ship types available for play was added later. As for today...

Purpose of Playership Drones
* Allow player to acquire more ships to build a fleet.
* Expand selection of available ships beyond what is available in a standard game.

Field Repairs will probably be the primary way of obtaining more ships, and the only way for hulls that cannot be bought.

The main priority of Playership Drones today is to maintain it and keeping it running for new versions of Transcendence.

Immediate Goals
* Get Playership Drones up to date for 1.8.
* Make most stock ships playable, with no more need to include PSD-compatible copy types.
* Remove dependence of Human Space types and make Playership Drones playable for Vault of the Galaxy.
* Keep things simple.

1.8 has introduced much that makes many features of Playership Drones obsolete, and it is time to update Playership Drones to take advantage of such features.

Since many stock ships used by NPCs lack some player features, such as reactors, hero shots, and HUD elements, I may end up overwriting a bunch of types to get the Playership Drones update working as planned, then perhaps make further tweaks as Transcendence gains more features.

I do not know when the first update will be ready. Currently, I am searching for obsolete code to rewrite or remove.
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