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Fri Oct 05, 2018 6:08 am

EDIT: Version 1 uploaded to xelerus Jan 19.

Here's a mod with a basic version of the Captain's Log "Find" feature. Fortunately without the bugs (although there may be a few in there of my making!).

There is a screen for each known system and for each system the numbers and types of station (known only) are displayed.
There is also a more detailed screen for each system which lists all the known stations, friendly/enemy, distance from the player and whether you have visited the station and whether it has any items in it.

If you dock at a station the mod will remember the items which were in that station when you undocked.
You can refer back to the stations and their items even if you are in a different system.
You can also search by item name. That brings up a list of stations which have the item. It shows the station name, the system the station is in and how many of the item are in that station. The stations can be highlighted. If the station is in the same system as the playership, the station is highlighted instantly, or if the station is in another system, it wil be highlighted as you enter that system.

Very handy for finding an item that you can now afford.

I plan to add a few more minor features then release it on xelerus. If there is a Captain's Log feature (or any other feature you think would be helpful) you would like included, let me know. Eventually (very open timeline!) it will have all the features from Captain's Log.
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