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Post an introduction thread about yourself here.
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Wed Jan 12, 2011 3:38 am

:shock: OMG! he's here lol >.<

After replying some other topics of interest, like registering my unid at last, i have came here to dominate da world muahaha muahahaha :twisted: ok...not i havent come here to do that :roll: i have just started this topic to present myself to da community in a politically way and all that.

So my name is Xtasis, of course i have another more normal name but i thinking about ripping it off my person....or maybe i just hide it in some obscure place inside my a Male Neo-Human...i have 23 years of existence and i live in a country in North America that its known by the name of Ghettoland...errr...Narcoland...errr....Mexico yeah thats da official name i think ¬¬'...anyways...more on me: I speak several lenguages like: Spanish, English, Spanglish, Bad Spanish, Worse English and i can understand some Portuguese....looking forward to learn Japanese or/and studying Psychology at this moment but i have interests in other topics and fields of study...i like classical music specially violins solos...gotta luv Bach, Paganini & Tchaikovsky...also i like classical rock like the Beatles or Queen or Janis Joplin or the Doors or u get the idea....also i really really love electronic music in all its forms from Ambient to overpowering a Raver and a proud one...i go to Raves and Festivals...and i usually end in some afterparty with da look of a zombie...also i follow da PLUR philosophy...if u r wondering wtf is PLUR?


Ok now u know me!!, i hope to know u 2 :D now i will share some of my Transcendence experience with you:

The first time i played Transcendece i reach 1 system before Rigel and get killed by lack of fuel >.<! (I didnt know u could be killed that way...i was thinking i could drift to some station to refuel...sad story lol).

I dont like Salvager Nomads...they just take away my still to find loot...i have a personal vendetta against them & i know they dont like me 2 cause they have killed me many times :x gotta hate their omniturbolaser against a low lvl ship. T.T

Top 3 stupidest deaths:

1.-Died docked at a CW station cause i didnt know you can pause the game...i think beeing docked was like a i went of to take a bath and when i returned it was another sad story.
2.-Killed by radiation after wasting all my money in unknown no money for decontamination >.<
3.-Killed by that stupid defective auton ¬¬'...the auton didnt kill me actually...i was trying to hit it and then i accidentally hit 1 of those Molotok BH....MAGs rained from all sides. :(

I always do all side quests...specially Black Market ones, also smuggle ilegal items back & forth and mine a lot of mid game im generally filthy rich 8-)

My current challenge in da game is finishing it without resurrecting (Note: Insurance its not resurrecting)

Finally im working & playing with a personal mod...maybe i upload it to Xelerus some time later when i finished's not a god mod nor break just adds some things and extends some others to make the play experience more enjoyable :wink:

So thats i have written a mega large post yeei ^^!...hope u like it & hope that we can be friends and share our points of view about da game and about best wishes for you all ppl (:

PS: I Would like to thank George Moromisato for creating such wonderful game that has wasted a lot of my time, really looking up for Part II

Thanks for taking da time to read this.
It's better to be someone for a day, than noone for a lifetime (:

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Sat Feb 05, 2011 8:51 pm

Greetings Xtasis,

Welcome to the fun; I am Darth Saber; that name pretty much explains my identity, pursuits, and interests (i.e "Star Wars," fencing, martial arts, accumulating knowledge, the prospects of being able to build a lightsaber using plasma and magnetic fields - powered by nuclear fusion reactors the size of Lithium ion (button cell) batteries, politics, history, and the "force." I am also a graduate of a career school, specializing in the designing of simple websites; oh, and did I mention that I am a HAM radio operator? As to language, I can speak Spanish, English, and American "Southern - due to having spent some time in Arkansas." :twisted:

Anything else you want to know about me will either take force mediation to reveal, or you can read me posts - which may or may not be the best use of your time, but then it is your time to use. :lol:

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Sun Feb 27, 2011 4:18 pm

Mangwanani.( hello) Xtasis my name is chase.

I too know three languages:
shona (Zimbabwe)
English( unknown origin)

I to like old and modern classical, opera, and a bit of R&B thrown in the mix. :D

I do hope you enjoy our friendly community, and don't feel embarresed to 'overpost' or ask a 'stupid' question.
There is a logical answer to everything.

if you are having trouble with something that you don't want to post, just send a private message to either one of the administrators, or to us. we will try to help in any way we can. :mrgreen:

i do so hope that you will enjoy the forums and our friendly community. see you out there sometime. :mrgreen:
Faaz los frul, moro los mafaeraak. Chicks osgor skein. c:

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