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In MY personal games my Dry Docks and shipping companies with dock services Offer the Player a Buy option for ammunition and armor if the station has any in stock
( shipping companies don't do reactor upgrades).

reactor upgrades at dry docks are nice - but NOT exactly what a player needs when they are getting their Hulls melted by a Charon Frigate.
Here is one of MY Dry Docks : two Items you will notice is the Sov & Trade : I have random traffic that carries loot and sells to stations - friendly and hostile to the player ( the Centauri have a loot screen that filters out the goodies - but I have not used the "WreckType= &st ( whatever ) " on my traffic in awhile because I am watching what loot they are carrying )

I have the Centauri become friendly to the Player if chosen to do so AFTER Arco is dead ( the Commonwealth offered Peace to the Centauri - so I always felt that this option was a good idea and filling out the Centauri community with drydocks was a nice idea to try )

Code: Select all

<!-- Centauri Dry Dock -->
	<StationType UNID="&stCentauriDryDock;"
			name=				"Centauri dry dock"
			sovereign=			"&svCentauriWarlords;"
			abandonedScreen=	"&dsCentauriQuarters;"
			dockScreen=			"Main"
			canAttack=			"true"

			multiHull=			"true"
			armorID=			"&itPlasteelPlate;"
			hitPoints=			"250"
			repairRate=			"2"
			shipRepairRate=		"3"
			explosionType=		"&vtThermoExplosion1;"
			ejectaType=			"&vtWreckEjecta;"
			attributes=			"centauriWarlords, enemy, envWater,  fleetDelivery, envAvoidsEarth, human, populated, warlords"
		    levelFrequency=		"uucuu r---- ----- ----- -----"
			locationCriteria=	"++asteroids"

		<Image			imageID="&rsStations1;" imageX="256" imageY="0" imageWidth="224" imageHeight="224"/>

		<Trade currency="credit" max="50000" replenish="2500">
			<Sell	criteria="*NU -Illegal; -ID; -NotForSale;"	priceAdj="50"/>
			<RandomItem count="1d6" 
					criteria=		"w -Specialty; -NotStandard; -NotForSale;"
					level=			"3"
					levelCurve=		"3"

			<RandomItem count="1d2" 
					criteria=		"d~w -Specialty; -NotStandard; -NotForSale;"
					level=			"4"
					levelCurve=		"2"

			<RandomItem count="1d6" 
					criteria=		"a -Specialty; -NotStandard; -NotForSale;"
					level=			"4"
					levelCurve=		"2"

			<RandomItem count="1d6" 
					criteria=		"u -Specialty; -NotStandard; -NotForSale;"
					level=			"2"
					levelCurve=		"2"
			<RandomItem count="2d12" 
					criteria=		"m -Specialty; -NotStandard; -NotForSale;"
					level=			"2"
					levelCurve=		"2"

			<RandomItem count="1d6" 
					criteria=		"adu -Specialty; -NotStandard; -NotForSale;"
					level=			"3"
					levelCurve=		"2"
	       <Trade currency="credit" max="50000" replenish="2500">
			<Sell	criteria="*NU -ID; -NotForSale;"	priceAdj="110"/>
			<Buy	criteria="*NU -ID; "	priceAdj="50"/>
			<Buy	criteria="adumfNU -Illegal; -ID; -NotForSale;"	priceAdj="50"/>
			<Buy	criteria="adumfNU -Illegal; -ID;"				priceAdj="10"/>
			<Refuel			criteria="f +BasicFuel; L:1-7;" priceAdj="95"/>
			<RepairArmor	criteria="a L:1-8;" priceAdj="100"/>
			<ReplaceArmor	criteria="a" priceAdj="100"/>
			<InstallDevice	criteria="d L:1-7" priceAdj="100"/>
			<RemoveDevice	criteria="d" priceAdj="100"/>
				<Ship chance="40"	count="1d4"	class="&scCentauriRaider;"			orders="guard"/>
				<Ship chance="50"	count="1d3"	class="&scCentauriRaider;"			orders="guard"/>
				<Group chance="10">
					<Ship			count="1d4"	class="&scCentauriRaider;"			orders="guard"/>
					<Ship			count="1"	class="&scCentauriHeavyRaider;"		orders="guard"/>
        <Reinforcements minShips="5">
				<Lookup chance="98" table="&tbCentauriCampDefenders;"/>
				<Ship	chance="2" class="&scCentauriFrigateRaider;" orders="guard"/>
				(	;	service					level	margin
					(	'repairArmor			8		100		)
			(block Nil
				;start the check to see if it's okay to have these events:
						(eq (sysGetName) "Point Juno")
						(eq (sysGetName) "Huaramarca")
						(eq (sysGetName) "Heretic")
						(eq (sysGetName) "Charon")
						(eq (sysGetName) "Rigel Aurelius")
					; Every once in a while we send out a clone
					(sysAddObjRecurringTimerEvent 1250 gSource "OnConstruct")
			(block (totalShips)
					; Count the number of ships under traffic control
					(setq totalShips (count (sysFindObject Nil "s D:EAB36d39_status")))
			; Create some visiting ships
						(if (ls totalShips 30)
			(block (newShip)
			(setq homeObj gSource)
							(setq newShip
									(random '(&scZulu; &scEI500CI; &scCentauriHeavyRaider; &scCentauriRaider; &scIAVLight; &scZulu-II; &scEI200CI;))
						(objSetObjRefData newShip "home" homeObj)
						(objFireEvent newShip "OrderBeginTraffic")

							(scrSetDesc gScreen (cat "Your ship is in a Centauri Dry Dock."))

					<Action name="Refuel" key="R">
						(block Nil
							(intSetCompatibleFuelEx '((&itXenotiteFuelRod; 94) (&itHeliumAssembly; 93) (&itHelium3FuelRod; 92)))
							(scrShowScreen gScreen "&dsRefuel;")

					<Action name="Repair or Replace Armor" key="A" >
						(block Nil
							(setq gTechLevel 8)
							(setq gArmorSegment 0)
							(setq gCheckMilitaryID True)
							(setq gMargin 100)
							(scrShowScreen gScreen "&dsRepairArmor;")

					<Action name="Install Device" key="D" >
						(block Nil
							(setq gTechLevel 7)
							(setq gTechModifier Nil)
							(setq gCheckMilitaryID True)
							(setq gMargin 100)
							(scrShowScreen gScreen "&dsInstallDevice;")

					<Action name="Remove Device" key="V" >
						(block Nil
							(setq gMargin 100)
							(scrShowScreen gScreen "&dsRemoveDevice;")

					<Action name="Upgrade Reactor" key="P" >
						(scrShowScreen gScreen &dsRPGInstallDeviceFromList;
				itemList: (rpgGetReactorUpgradeList gSource gPlayerShip "r L:1-5;")
							priceAdj: Nil
							checkMilitaryID: True
noItemsText: "The technology required to upgrade your reactor is not available at this station."
							<Action name="Buy Items" default="1" key="B">
				(scrShowScreen gScreen &dsRPGCommoditiesExchangeBuy; {
									checkMilitaryID: True
					<Action name="Undock" cancel="1" key="U">



			<Port x="0"		y="100" />
			<Port x="-80"	y="40" />
			<Port x="80"	y="40" />
			<Port x="-60"	y="-40" />
			<Port x="60"	y="-40" />

			<Port x="0"		y="-105" />
			<Port x="-130"	y="-17" />
			<Port x="130"	y="-17" />
			<Port x="-70"	y="105" />
			<Port x="70"	y="105" />

Flying Irresponsibly In Eridani......

I don't like to kill pirates in cold blood ..I do it.. but I don't like it..

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